Age of Oblivion

7 days to die age of oblivion, 7 days to die overhaul mods

This project started with myself taking over the Farm Life Expanded mod. I first start to fix thing with the mod but as I began to learn more about modding I decided that rather then trying to fix it would be best to rebuild. What started a “Farming” mod has now become so much more.

Welcome to “The Age of Oblivion”!

Alpha 2.0 Features

Crops! Over 30 new Crops!

Food! A lot of new food that can be prepared a number of different workstations.

Animals! Many new animals roaming the world many dropping unique items when harvested. (Beef, Chicken, Pork, Rabbits Foot, etc)

Cloning! Create Cloning Chambers and and collect the ingredients required to Clone/Breed your Own Pet Animals that you can keep or harvest for resources. Also Clone Human and Animal Guards that you can place and they will protect you.

Zombie Resurrection! Create a resurrect table and collect the ingredients to revive zombie corpses that will fight and protect you!

Vehicles! 30 new vehicles as of this release with more coming. New Vehicles are not crafted like Vanilla Vehicles. There are many more parts required. Some cannot be crafted and must be found in the world! Some will be driveable when found and other will have to be unlocked using Car keys that can be found when harvesting vehicles. Some Vehicles can have their colors changed using specific Color wand tools.

New Workstations

  • Oblivion Master Workbench – Used to Craft all other Workstations and Oblivion Quests
  • Farm Table – For all Farm tools and seeds.
  • Ovens – Multiple Models Including Pizza Oven and Deep Fryer
  • Grills – Multiple Models
  • Smokers
  • Kitchnaid
  • Butcher Table
  • Brew Station

Quests and Questlines! White River – Tools of Citizenship has been make part of the mod. (Many more Quests are going to be added)

Many new weapons thanks to Firearms Expansion 4.4

Custom UI based on SMX!

New Animals/Bandits/Mechs and zombies thanks to the community Creature Packs!

New source of power – Windmill!

DECOR! – Lots of new decor. Windows, Doors, Fences, Furniture!

Skull Chambers! This is the latest feature to be added to the mod. The feature is still in its infancy and will still require some tweaking.

Skull Chambers can be found through out the world. You need a key to get in and a key to get out! Once in chamber poisonous gas will start removing your health. There will be totems in the chambers that when unlocked will release boss zombies! 3 Levels of Boss zombies all guaranteed to drop loot. The most important loot are Skull Tokens! When you find the hidden Elite Traders you will be able to use Skull Tokens to be able to Purchase Elite items! (More Elite items will be coming but right now you can get Enhanced NailGun, Plasma Auger, Laser Crossbow, Legendary Hackblade, Legendary Blood Axe, Electric Sniper, Hand Cannon, Laser Ammo, Plasma Gun, Electric Guitar

Audio Emotes! Can be crafted from the start, each emote has 2 Sound clips!

New in game sounds. You will know them when you hear them. Make sure you test vehicle horns! there are some unique ones out there!

Age of Oblivion specific Skill Tree! With new perks!


  • The Mod is still not complete and Feedback with regards to Balancing and Bugs is greatly appreciated.
  • The Alchemy Table currently only has one recipe that it is required for and that is the Resurrection Potion.
  • There are still missing descriptions (but much less then previous versions)

Alpha 2.5 – Changes!

  • Sounds are fixed! A mistake was made in 2.0 where the Sounds were coming from Animals. This is fixed and sounds have been adjusted to not be so overbearing.
  • Most of the Pets now make appropriate sounds! Cat makes cat sounds, dog makes dog sounds etc.
  • Chicken and Cow chambers update to new models
  • Egg laying Chicken now requires to be fed once before they will lay any eggs
  • New Chicken Incubator specifically to create Pet Chickens. Requires “Fertile” eggs
  • DecorBlocks modlet is now included
  • New elevators/lifts
  • 17 New Creatures/Zombies Most only come out at night they are much tougher zombies.
  • Wasteland/Burnt forest will be tough and have higher chance of the new creatures
  • Resurrection table updated to be able to resurrect all Vanilla Zombies
  • Zombie Harvest Skill tree. Guts, brains and corpses are now recieved by harvesting dead zombies and no longer in Zombie Loot. Zombie Loot expanded to be able to give more types of loot.
  • New Tow truck, Harvest a tow truck towing a Bat Car and you have a small chance of getting a Bat Car
  • Delorean Appearance has been improved
  • Apoc RV now Drives much better!
  • New Food Recipes and Crops with schematics
  • Revamped Vehicles:
    • New Mechanics Skill tree – Level 4 and 5 only have placeholders for vehicles that they unlock. Future release will have more vehicles.
    • Repairable Vehicle now found in the world. They can be driven but they dont drive well, Slow and hold little gas. Repair them on the new mechanic bench. (for initial release there are 5 Vehicles that can be repaired)
  • Bug fixes… Many small bug fixes

Alpha 2.52

  • Fixes major bug causing Null Ref errors when encounters the New Creatures
  • A few other small fixes
  • Adds some trees and plants randomly in the world.

Alpha 2.6

  • 33 New Doors
  • Fix issues with New Creatures
  • New Workstations – Fridge, Drink Dispenser, Ice Cream Maker, Ice Maker
  • A ton new recipes (Icons are currently missing)
  • Completely revamped Skull Chamber!

This was a quick release to fix some major bugs. This is why the new foods do not have icons yet. A small update will come very soon to add the mission icons.

Alpha 2.62

  • Updated all the missing icons from 2.6
  • Fixed issue with starting quest not showing where trader is
  • Other minor fixes
  • Food is locked behind recipes now… but all can be unlocked with planting and growing skill level 4

Alpha 2.8!

  • UI Overhaul
  • Helicopters
  • Lots of New crop/plant Assets
  • A lot of surprises!
  • Lots of balances and bug fixes

Alpha 3.0!

  • Animal Overhaul! Wild animals Attack if Hurt, Pets dont ever attack.
  • Over 40 Animals/variants ie. 6 horses, 3 cow, 3 chicken
  • All animals give animal specific resources when harvested
  • Creature pack Animals and Zombies has been removed but I have kept some of the Zombies from the zombie pack
  • New AOO Creatures/Zombies
  • New Bat car
  • Ammo Bench (Limited to Vanilla Ammo for now)
  • Auto Miner
  • Potions! Not all have uses yet… but they are used as ingredient is some special items. only a handful right now. (search “Pocket Mod”)
  • Quest Table and totally revamped Quest lines with much better instructions
  • A Ton more Descriptions for Items!
  • Revamped Skill Tree UI
  • Animals have a chance at giving rare resources that are used primarily in the recipes for potions right now
  • Milking Cow now works like Egg laying chicken… Chicken feed is now “animal feed”
  • Random Pet cloning chamber is now 100% chance of success
  • Pets give slightly less resources then Wild animals but they have a higher chance of a rare resource
  • Animals give animal specific pelts rather then Leather
  • All pelts can be used to craft leather if you need it.
  • Some creatures can give some other items when they are harvested!
  • More Lootable items!
  • Wireless Junction Boxes
  • Many Bug fixes and adjustments and sounds

Alpha 3.0 is also available on Modlauncher! (It may stilll say 2.8 until the description is updated.)

IMPORTANT! A new game will be required. This will almost definitely screw up any existing games!

Alpha 4.01 for A20 Is Out!


  • White River Tools mod removed until compatibility with A20
  • Bandits/Survivors Removed for incompatibility reasons… but will return sometime in the future
  • Change in Vehicle Acquisition – No more Crafting – no more mechanics table. Vehicles are in the works, you can either loot and salvage them OR you can unlock them to get a working version. Keys to unlock a vehicle are found by salvaging them.
  • More sounds
  • New Transmogrifier used to create specific Pets from “Incomplete Clones”
  • Almost all items now have a use (I think there still may be a couple crops that dont have a use)

This has been Primarily an A20 compatibility release.

Alpha 5.01 for A20 Is Out!

Major Changes!

  • NPC Mod Integration!
  • Revamped traders with Skull Chambers beneath them! (Old Skull Chambers removed)
  • Vehicle keys and unlocking improved
  • Skyrim lockpicking
  • 12 custom Poi’s (Big thanks to Michael Logue!)
  • Much better Performance
  • Huge Mountain Multitrader with Major Skull Chamber inside mountain
  • 3 AOO Pregen Maps included

EAC must be disabled!

If you do not use one of the pregens then you will need to generate a new map! A% will not work with exisiting maps!

If you generate your own you should make sure that map contains at leas one instance of “Temple Trader by mplogue”

Alpha 5.1 Released

  • Small Bug fixes.
  • More Optimized and better reacting zombies/creatures.
  • 20 new Creatures/Zombies

Alpha 5.2 Released

  • Removed Teleporting doors from Traders (erratic behavior in Multiplayer)
  • Updated NPC Mod (Improved performance)
  • UI Improvements – 15 Slot Toolbelt, Searchable Inventory
  • New vehicles from Upcoming A6 release can be previewed using the creative menu.

Alpha 5.25 Released

  • Fixes Issues with Scrolling inventory and retrieving dropped backpack
  • Adjusted the Spawning of the Chicken when disturbing their nests!

Check out our Teaser!


Extract all files to your 7 Days to Die folder. The files will merge with your data directory and your Mods directory (Will create Mods if it doesn’t exist).

A new map will NOT be required. A new game will likely need to be started. If you want to try with a saved game please make sure you back that save up before trying.

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 1

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 2

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 3

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 4

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 5

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 6


Alpha 1.8 Released!

  • Includes bug fixes for some of the Friendly animals
  • Reduced greatly the number of Bats that spawn!
  • Made the spawning of Friendly’s be specific to Biome. ie Peguin in Snowy area’s and Elephant in Desert
  • Added a Bunch more Friendly Animals! Turtle, Sheep, Zebra, Pug, Beagle, Goose, Leopard, Comodo Dragon
  • Balanced the number of Oblivion Crates that appear and the loot they contain. Added More Beakers and Steroids for Cloning!

Fine Tuned Batcar01 – Drives better and faster! More vehicle tune ups are coming!

Alpha 1.75 Released!

  • Bug fixes!
  • Cloning now takes longer
  • Crops no longer grow almost instantly!
  • Now includes the fantastc Mod White River Tools of Citizenship!
  • Now includes Expanded Firearms!
  • More Friendly animal will be found in the World
  • Oblivion Loot Crates can now be found in the world
  • Now grants 2 skill points per level! (If not wanted simply delete the 2 Skill Points Directory)

Alpha 1.71 Released!

Fixes issue with Clone Chambers not being unlocked and Advanced Forge Display

Alpha 1.7 Released!

  • More Bug Fixes
  • More Food Recipes! (Finally!)
  • Deep Fryer – for many of these new recipes!
  • New Oven Model
  • New Chain Link Fence and a Brick/Metal Fence!
  • New Oblivion Work Bench – All workbenches are crafted from this Bench… even Vanilla ones.

Alpha 1.6 Released!

  • Mainly Small Bug Fixes to 1.5
  • Improved handling most vehicles
  • Added Community Creature Packs
  • 90 Slot Backpack.
  • Traders will now sell Raw meat
  • Fixes and Changes to Questline (Still a work in Progress)

Alpha 1.5 is Available! Big Update!

Note: Lots of Changes… You will 1000% have to start a new game and I would recommend playtesting for awhile before starting a serious game with it

Restructured Folder and file Structure. Standardized Naming. (Search AOO to find items)


  • Advanced Forge
  • Resurrection Table
  • Alchemy Table
  • Many Vehicles
  • Lots of Decor! Windows, Doors and Furniture
  • Working Windmill

and other smaller tweaks.

Alpha 1.3 Released!

  • Oak’s pets now completely integrated (No separate Directory)
  • Many tiny code fixes that probably were not noticeable to most.
  • Garden Hoe recipe added.
  • All New Cloning Chambers!
  • New Pets! Elephant, Penguin, Camel, Cat!
  • New Guard! Pumpkin Man! Burns you enemies alive!

Alpha 1.21 Released!

Fixed issue with recipes not being unlocked.

Alpha 1.2 is available!

Fixed Garden Hoe to properly prepare ground to be able plant.

Alpha 1.1 is out!

  • Fixed up the Skill Tree (Not Completed)
  • Started a new Quest system (Not Completed)
  • Added Farm Crop Plots
  • Added another Gas Oven, pizza oven and more Grills.
  • All you do is craft “Ovens” “Grills” or Smokers and you from their each model is a Variant option.
  • Added a few Descriptions that were missing. (still many missing)
  • Removed Press “E” to pick up a Crop. when harvested this way the crop does not get replanted.
  • Removed a block for an apple tree that is no longer used. (only mattered if you were using creative mode and found that particular tree.)

Got to More Actions and Choose Download as Zip

7 days to die age of oblivion additional screenshot 7

Also available on the mod launcher!

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Pipermac, OakRaven, Arramus, Phredd, Stasis78, Mayic

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60 thoughts on “Age of Oblivion

  1. Wow ! This looks promising. I love that you could get rid of those ugly fences and the babychick ^^
    Thank you very much, Pipermac, looking forward for more.

  2. ¡Hello there! Very nice mod. We’re playing it right now.

    Just 1 question.

    We have the tomato seed recipe, but there is no button to craft it.
    ¿Do you know why?

  3. How do you breed animals? And do my friends need to download the mod to be able to join my server?
    Thank you.

  4. I love this mod but how do i get resurrection potion i have the skill and stuff i need but what crafting table do i use

  5. Could I have explained how to remove the hornets and spiders from the creature pack? I want to use this, but my husband has a fear of spiders and insects that prevents using that portion.

  6. I am Having trouble downloading this mod, I think the Google Driven file is too big, or bugged out. I suggest using media fire, or something similiar.

  7. how do i remove the zombie sound files? i love all aspects of the mod, except the added zombie zounds. they are a bit over the top for my likings.

  8. sorry but why is it long? when I try to this, It isn’t work. no, I coudn’t wait.
    because it’s loading is really long.

    and when I’m waiting, also many things are going up white sentences.

    stopped Exploration
    Notified SectionSelector that music stopped
    Section Type change from none to Exporation
    INF Time:~ FPS: ~ Heap:~ Chunks: ~ CGO:~ 2 PLY:~ 1 ZOM:~ Ent:~ 1(1)Items:~ CO:~ RSS:~

    For Few hours doing this, repeat, to do the same work several times.

    but interesting point is, other many mods are working. When I try this before, maybe over 80 mods are working, including Farm life lite like AOO series also snufkin series, telrics series, smx, even War3zuk many small mods, HJ, HQ, bdubs, prefabs, weapons, firearm expansion, a vanilla firearm extended, fishing, creature packs are all ok. If I mixed that thing, all put in the mods folder and try it steel work.

    but when I try this it isn’t work. I don’t know why.

  9. Is there a way to restore the regular zombie audio files? Love the mod this far just can’t deal with the sound effects, so if there is a way to do that please let me know, really want to continue playing

  10. thank for the mod
    also i like that have many things in the mod
    also is their a way to know how to make a specific car in 7dtd ?

  11. This was fun until night 7. I got exception codes up where it was unplayable. I hope this gets fixed this is a great mod!

  12. it’s a great mod but the only downside is at night the zombies make too much noise it’s a puzzle I hope the night zombie sounds will be reduced for the next updates

  13. How do I craft the cars? I have the mechanics workbench, an upgradeable sports car and a car repair kit, but the button to make the car doesn’t appear no matter what I do.

  14. Having some issues with this mod… myself and 3 others downloaded the mod, but it’s only working for 3 of us. We have gone over the download 3-4 times, and are now drawing a blank. We each uninstalled the mod, and reinstalled it together via video on discord…the 3 of us that had it before, still have it, but the 4th is still unable…can anyone offer suggestions other that “idk” lol

  15. Hi i have 3 friends that downloaded 1 of my friends and me got this to work no problem. but my other friend crashes everytime he loads up a new world for some reason? He is running on Alpha 19.6 b8 with age of oblivion 3.03. fresh install of everything he has done it at least 3 times now and still crashes. any reason why?

  16. not working with alpha 20. gives me a ton of red errors, not using it with any other overhauls, so it must be something i’m missing. or it’s just not working at this time

  17. Not had any issues until today. Activated the weapon collector, car collector and rare materials quests. Each of them caused a bunch of endless errors and had to alt F4 out.

  18. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble, this guy put out his mod as “stable” for A20 and it’s anything but. From quest issues, spawn issues, copyright issues to his general rudeness to even his own moderators, and the amount of cpu usage this mod takes on a server due to his inability to even half code, this mod isn’t worth it no matter how good it looks. I’ll post this anywhere I see this mod, mainly because this guy “help, bug report, feedback” and when a group or individual does that, he’s rude, nasty and has an excuse for everything that means it has to be the player’s fault….his code/mod couldn’t possibly be messed up. Honestly, a large group of us have played since his A20 release candidate stage, right into his supposed stable phase and it’s been nothing but frustration and annoyance with him and his mod, which is poorly constructed to say the least.

    1. unfortunately this is what happens, when it’s just one person trying todo it all themselves. imho he should have just focused on the farming side of it, for anyone who just wants furniture deco kind of things, check ztensity’s UBBI mod. works in A20, search this site for it.

      i have messaged this guy about modding, and how it can take over your life, he didnt seem to take it on board, but oh well it’s his choice.

  19. thanks for these things tho been waiting for good furniture and deco if these was all seperate mods would be better rather than overhaul

  20. Quick question, maybe i’m just missing it in the desc. But I’ve gotten to the point where i’ve found car keys to 3 separate types of cars, Apocalypse ( Bought it) and generic and feature I both found, When I right clicked to unlock the car it became (Empty and then when I right clicked and tried hitting e like you would to drive any other vehicles it opens a small inventory and when I back out it just “Breaks” and disappears, Unlocking it with the key doesn’t allow me to drive them? Or do I have to craft the car I just have it Unlocked now?..

  21. just a headsup, this mod is extremely broken, i tried it again tonight, and it gave me a million red errors line after line after line, of null reference to an object. dont know why, i wont be using it any longer

  22. So I’ve installed this through the mod launcher and it works – The only problem I have is that the UI is still Vanilla??

    Can anyone advise why this is? It just looks the same but with additional content…

  23. Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe ein Problem mit der Mod in Alpha20 auf einem Server.
    Sobald die Mod auf dem Server ist und ich mich einer Stadt nähere bekomme ich Folgene Fehlermeldung:
    ERR NCSimple_Deserializer (ch=1):
    EXC Index was outside the bounds of the array
    INF Exited Thread NCS_Reader_1
    INF Exited Thread NCS_Writer_1
    Wie kann man diesen Fehler beheben?
    Habe nun den Server bereits für 3 Monate bezahlt und es gibt kein Geld zurück.
    Die Community würde zu gern AoO auf dem Server spielen.
    Bitte um Hilfe! DANKE

    Hello all,
    I have a problem with the mod in Alpha20 on a server.
    As soon as the mod is on the server and I approach a city I get the following error message:
    ERR NCSimple_Deserializer (ch=1):
    EXC Index was outside the bounds of the array
    INF Exited Thread NCS_Reader_1
    INF Exited Thread NCS_Writer_1
    How can I fix this error?
    Have now paid for the server for 3 months already and there is no money back.
    The community would love to play AoO on the server.
    Please ask for help! THANKS


  24. Amazing mod/overhaul, but needs more melee weapons in my opinion. That’s the only thing separating it from some other overhauls.

  25. hi, it might be because of the last update (20.3) but a strange and very annoying bug appeared.
    when you try to loot your backpack ( the one dropped after you die) the backpack window’s stays open and lock you down so hard you can only alt + F4 and this even if you die while having this window open.
    i’m open for advice or solutions to this problem.

  26. Is there any way to re Enable the default workbench and chemistry station? they are both disabled in survival but using CM they can be spawned and both still work fine , the recipe just doesn’t show up in crafting and having them disabled messes with mod compatibility for people who wanna play with more than just the base AOO.


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