Bigger Writable Storage Boxes

7 days to die bigger writable storage boxes, 7 days to die storage

Adds a Writable Storage Box tier 2, which has more storage at a slightly higher resource cost. The original Writable Storage Box is still there, unchanged.

7 days to die bigger writable storage boxes additional screenshot

Download Vanilla version with 100 slots (recommended)
Download Version for Darkness Falls (it has 120 slots so its exactly the same size as the “lockables” there, do not use in vanilla, it will not work.)

Credits: Alyssa, Everyone who helped me from Guppy’s modding Discord

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10 thoughts on “Bigger Writable Storage Boxes

    1. yes, im using other mods… one could be conflicting with it. I will try to figure out which one and I will comment below on which one if I find it.

  1. You guys that make the mods need to remember – people WANT TO KNOW if this is server side, client side, server and client side, etc etc and for some bonehead reason – you never think to add that info…Z

    That’s like the most important info there is………………………….wtf

    1. Just check the files. If it contains custom asset(s)/icon(s) it is NOT server side only. It’s that simple. It’s that simple………………………….It’s that simple.

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