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The latest version of fishing! It’s had some changes since a19. You’ll need to craft yourself a fishing rod to start fishing. This rod has a base line 4% chance to catch fish. Not very high. But no worries, with perks in Living off the Land, you can increase that chance by 3%, 6%, and finally 16%, bring it to a max of 20% chance. It doesn’t stop there. You can find bait in loot, or through harvesting grass. Each perk point in living off the land increases the chance you’ll get bait from harvesting. There are three bait tiers. Worms, which give 5% additional catch chance, grubs with a 9% chance, and the more rare dragonfly with a whopping 25%. These baits have individual chances to be consumed when you get a bite, and a 100% chance should you fail to reel the fish in.

There have been more fish, along with more recipes added, but most of these recipes will require fish fillets of a certain type. To get these fillets, you must have a knife weapon equipped. This will unlock the fillet items. There are grilled, fried, marinated, and other foods that can be crafted.

Be sure to also craft a fishing chair to fish from your own docks, and even the new tackle boxes to store some goodies in near those chairs.

And don’t forget to download Ragsy’s Raft Mod for A20 so you can fish directly from a raft!

Note to other modders: If you want this mod to work on your own rafts or boats, first you need to be able to walk on the boat, using unity and colliders. Then, you need to add the correct tag to the entityclasses file. The tag is: fish. Very simple.

Does not require restart.

Tested and works with Alpha 20.4 (b42).

Requires client to install as well as server.


Just put a fix out for the fishing mod. It was adding bait to all blocks, not just grass. That’s now been fixed. No need to restart, just redownload and it’ll work.

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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7 thoughts on “Telric’s Fishing

  1. Hello, the mod is very good and fun, I hope that one day a percentage can be added to get items, as in the wow, I would like to know how I can change the calories of the fish, can you help me?

  2. Hi , i just installed it on a 19.4 (b7) and it’s half working : i don’t have any display about actions , i only have the pole’s animation
    there are some other mods on this server but niothing about this one , it’s my 1 st install.

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