Black Wolf’s Better Fire (Molotovs and Fire Arrows/Darts)

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First of all, a massive thanks has to go to BFT2020 who gave Black Wolf a few tips on how to fix his code, without them he would have never managed to complete this mod.

This mod severely improves molotovs as well as flaming arrows/bolts to make them more reliable for late game stages, especially on higher difficulties!

  • Their total damage over time is now roughly 120% higher
  • Their duration got also increased!
  • Molotovs went from 16 to 20 seconds (25 seconds with the fireman perkbook)
  • Arrows/Darts went from 14 to 16 seconds (21 seconds with the fireman perkbook)
  • Additionally, setting a zombie on fire, now slows it down for the entire duration!

P.S: Black Wolf lowered the damage against blocks of all explosives that are supposed to be used against zombies, the value is set to 0 but the minimum damage will always be 1, can’t do anything about it.

Note: The visual stats of the items are still vanilla! He couldn’t be arsed enough to change them, maybe in the future though.

He hope you enjoy letting out your inner pyromaniac in the zombie apocalypse!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Black Wolf

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