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Hey everyone, I am currently very busy IRL and with other projects.

I’ve made an A21 update. Has fixes.


Current Version: A21 Mod Version 1.0

Intro About the Mod

  • This mod adds Rings, which can be socketed into Hand Armor’s item modifier slots.
  • Rings have interesting effects / stats. Most Rings have a Description page if the Stats page isnt clear enough.
  • You cant equip the same type of Ring (Ring of Agony + another Ring of Agony)
  • Mainly focusing was for buffing Melee and Archery but ended up having a bit of everything, except Guns and Explosives. (Some Ring’s stats will work with Guns and Explosives, like rings that just have “% Entity Damage”)
  • Most Rings have “Roll Ranges” where you might find 2 of the same rings, but different values for their Stats. Some Rings have “Roll Pools” where 2 of the same Rings have entire different Stats.
  • As of right now, these Rings should be looted from:
    • Chance to loot from Chests, Safes, ZBags.
    • Chance to loot from Hidden Stash, Burried Supplies.
    • Chance to loot from Forge, Workbench.
    • The “Ring of Beginnings” is a Ring you can craft by default.
  • Intended to work with Core game, unsure about other major mods’ compatibility.
  • There may be bugs
  • For Multiplayer, Bladestorm Games suggest both Server/Host, and Client(s) / User(s) have the mod installed to avoid potential issues.

Update Log

Version A21 1.0

  • (new) Update has been made, Ring of Life Essence updated tooltip, and now heals [5/7/10] Health (depending on Ring Tier) AFTER 5 seconds when taking a hit.
  • Fixed the inspiration ring health bonus issue.
  • Fixed the assassin ring stealth damage bonus.
  • Now the ring functions and shows the correct tooltip text.
  • Small update:
    • Fixed an issue with Ring of Assassin not granting its bonuses.
    • Buffed Stride:
      • Old: 10%/11%/12%/13%/14%/15% Movement Speed
      • New: 15%/17%/19%/21%/23%/25% Movement Speed
  • Looks like loot was somewhat broken. Should be fixed now.
    • Lootable from:
      • Gun Safe Small, Gun Safe Large, Reinforced Chest, Hardened Chest Small, Hardened Chest Large, Z bags, Buried Treasure Chests
    • Buffed the chance for those containers to spawn rings.
  • Added new ring: Ring of Angler
  • 2 Changes for Ring of Amplification:
    • 1) Buff duration should be more proper.
    • 2) Kind of counters the negative water cost of drugs. Still testing this.
  • 2 Fixes for Ring of Venom:
    • 1) The T3 Ring no longer applies poison to your self (This effect was code for testing the ring).
    • 2) Now checks for if the target is a Zombie or Animal to prevent accidental application to friendly targets.
  • Changed the code for Ring of Gold and Ring of Laborlove (Quantity).
  • Fixed Ring of Greed’s Lockpick Time stat, should now be working.
  • Slight nerf to Ring of Greed’s Lockpick Time stat:
    • Before: 20%/30%/40%
    • Now: 20%/25%/30%
  • Fixed Ring of Reborn’s CD to be the intended value.
  • Fixed Config naming issue (should help the Linux/Unix users).
  • Fixed missing info for Ring of Storage in localization.txt (now the tooltip should display their name)

Thx to those who posted bug reports and helped out!

Version 1.2

  • Fixed: Seeker Ring T2, and T3 were not lootable due to a typo.
  • Fixed: Mechanism Ring had double the intended values for Attack Speed, Entity Damage.
  • Laborlove new varient:
    • +25% Faster Craft Time
  • Seeker new varient:
    • +25% Dukes Loot Quantity
    • +25% Food Loot Quantity
    • +25% Ammo Loot Quantity
    • +25% Medical Loot Quantity
    • +25% Looting Speed
  • Wish new varient:
    • +25% Looting Speed
  • Wish adjusted varient:
    • +20% Lockpick Speed (from 60%)
  • Greed now has an additional stat:
    • +[20/30/40]% Lockpick Speed
  • Added an Uber Ring with 3 varients:
    • Ring of Splinter Rain (Wrathful)
      • Shoot 2 additional Projectiles with Archery
    • Ring of Splinter Rain (Furious)
      • +75% Attack Speed with Archery
    • Ring of Splinter Rain (Destructive)
      • Shoot 4 additional Projectiles with Archery
      • -50% Entity Damage
      • -75% Attack Speed with Archery
  • Added a new ring: Ring of Storage
    • +[3/4/5/6] Storage Capacity
  • New Recipes:
    • Silver Ring – Crafted: 10 Silver Nuggets
      • +5 Health
      • +2 Physical Resist
      • +1 Explosion Resist
    • Gold Ring – Crafted: 10 Gold Nuggets
      • +15% Dukes
      • +15% Harvest
    • Diamond Ring – Crafted: 10 Diamond Nuggets
      • 5% Chance to One-shot ore
      • +10% Barter

Version 1.1

  • Added new ring: Ring of Venom
    • Hitting an enemy applies [2 to 4] stacks of Poison. This poison lasts 12 seconds and each stack deals low damage over time.
  • Added new ring: Ring of Demolition (3 Variants)
    • V1) 500% Block Damage with Robotic Sledge
    • V2) 500% Block Damage with Brawling
    • V3) 50% Block Damage (Generic)
  • Added new ring: Ring of Reborn
    • You’re recovered to Full Health upon reaching [15/20/25] Health. 10 Minute Cooldown.
  • Added new ring: Ring of Amplification
    • Consumable’s Buff Duration increase by [20/30/40]%
  • Added a new Variant for Ring of Wish
    • Consumable’s Buff Duration increase by 20%
  • Fixed a mistake with Brilliance Ring, where the mod tag was set to “Laborlove”
  • Fixed the modifier “Chance to one-shot Tree”, it now works.
  • Fixed a mistake with Wish Ring’s “Entity Damage” variant where the Damage Value didnt match the Text Value.

Preview Images

(If you see a duplicate ring, double check it, some rings have variants, where the same ring can roll different stats)

7 days to die rings of potential additional screenshot 1

7 days to die rings of potential additional screenshot 2

7 days to die rings of potential additional screenshot 3

7 days to die rings of potential additional screenshot 4

7 days to die rings of potential additional screenshot 5

7 days to die rings of potential additional screenshot 6

List of All Rings and Their Stats / Descriptions: Google Docs Page

Issue/Bug List

  1. Ignite / Bleed / DoT kills seem to have some issue where those kills dont give XP.
  2. If Lockpick Timer is at or more than -100%, the timer stays at 0 and wont unlock an object.
  3. De-equip your armor, apply desired mods, then re-equip armor. (Buffs granted from mods may fall off if adding / removing mods while an item is equipped)
  4. If using archery and you get negative magazine value and are stuck in an animation, swap to a melee weapon, use a Power Attack, and swap back to archery and reload.
  5. Never log out with negative magazine value. It may cause issues.


Special thanks to those who have answered my questions about modding!
Ring Icons from Path of Exile, some icons adjusted.

If you like this mod, check out my Relics mod.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (1 MB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (1 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bladestorm Games

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51 thoughts on “Rings of Potential

  1. Love the rings and relics mods. I just found a bug though. Got the maxed Greed ring. If I have it equipped while lockpicking I see a -0.8, and it locks up. Hit esc and you can get out of it, but then you can’t loot anything. Hit ‘e’ on anything lootable and you can’t. You can still ride a vehicle and access it’s inventory, but you can’t loot mailboxes, trach, dumpsters or anything else lootable.

  2. Keeping the extra rings in a storage chest/writable box is boring. Can you make a storage container that looks like a display case you’d see in a jewelry store so I can bask in the glow of my hoarding?

  3. Awesome mod, but it deals very powerfull buffs on high teer, breaking some mechanics. It would be great if any ring (and relic from another mod) increase consumption of water and food. Because on high teer this two parameters stop bothering the player – there is tonns of good food and drink

  4. Great mod, enjoying everything about it and got only one suggestion, maybe limit the stack cap or reduce values per stack for the head hunter ring? we got the behemont mod and we one-shotted it during bloodmoon xD

  5. Hi,thanks your hard work for these very interesting and creavive mod for us 🙂

    I found a ring “Life of essence”doesn’t work properly,
    it should recover 25hp in 5 sec-5hp/sec but when i getting hit,my hp didn’t add as expected.
    So could you look into this ring and see what’s need to be fixed?
    Thank you!

    1. Works as intended, the issue was the tooltip / text was incorrect. It now reads as:
      “When hit, recover 5 Health after 5 Seconds.”

      I will be slightly buffing the ring to give +[5/7/10] Health after 5 seconds. (Value in the bracket depends on the tier of the ring)

    2. Update has been made, Ring of Life Essence updated tooltip, and now heals [5/7/10] Health (depending on Ring Tier) AFTER 5 seconds when taking a hit.

  6. howdy how would I install on a Single player game and with other friends as well if that makes since? we don’t own a server and just choose to play on one world and do whatever really but how would we install the mod? I’ve even tried the relics and they don’t see, to be working as well

    1. You’ll need to put the mods into your mods folder which should be in your 7 Days 2 Die folder (can look up on youtube for details)

      If playing with friends, make sure they also have the mods in their mods folder.

    1. Yes:
      1) Open the items.xml

      2) Find the section:
      lootgroup name=”groupRelics” count=”1″
      item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.7″
      item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.3

      3) Change the “prob=”0.7” value to a higher value like “0.95”
      4) Change the “prob=”0.3” value to a lower value like “0.05”

      5) If your loot.xml also contains “groupRelicsLCL” and “groupRelicsLCVL” repeat Step 3 and $ for those as well.

  7. Check Ring of Inspiration
    I’m playing with a friend and we didn’t get the health bonus
    or does it work in a different way?

    1. Thx for the bug report, I have made an update to the mod, download link remains the same.
      I think it should work now (I dont have anyone on multiplayer to test for sure)
      If it is still not working, let me know, I have an alternate method I can try.

  8. Hello, i downloaded the latest version and the assassin ring still does not give the stealth damage bonus

    1. Thx for the bug report.
      I have fixed this issue and updated the mod, download link remains the same.

  9. Suggestion: Can you add randomness to crafted rings, and buff them a bit? Also bigger pools of existing randomness drops? (This makes rings very unique and looking for them more exciting)

    1. Unfortunately with how the core game is set up, and/or how unexperienced I am with modding, its hard get “roll ranges” to work.
      (Roll Range being X to Y value for Z stat)
      Because I cant communicate between item_modifier.xml and buff.xml.

      Some rings will grant a buff that give the stat / passive_effect and its value. While item_modifier.xml has the display_value setup there, and I’m already using a small hacky way to get that running with custom stats / effects. ( I use the display_value “dDysenteryRisk” to hold a value, and then using Localization.txt to create the custom stat/effect text and ui_display.xml to display it all together)

      I’d love it so that in item_modifier.xml you could have the item roll a value, then use that value for the stat/passive_effect AND pass the value to other things like a buff / buff.xml

  10. Just want to thank you for the constant updates and fixes. This is a great mod and also your Relics mod. Your diligence and work is very much appreciated!

    1. Thx for the bug report.
      I have fixed this issue and now the ring functions and shows the correct tooltip text.

  11. I just paused my game to tell you this is such a fantastic mod, especially well paired with insane mods that make zombies so much harder, and adds completely out of this world entities.

    Feels overall balanced.

    Only suggestion I’d do is to make more rings have drawbacks, especially the headhunter ring.
    Otherwise, F A N T A S T I C ode to PoE!

  12. I’ve encountered one bug so far. The Assassin and Stride rings don’t seem to function. Or to clarify, no visible change. I’ve tested both with the ring attached and without and there was no impact to my speed, noise, or sneak attack damage. I like using this mod and as one who enjoys the stealth aspect of the game, these rings are my favorites.

    1. Fixed Ring of Assassin, it should no grant the bonuses it lists.
      Regarding Stride, the movement speed bonus works for me.
      Buffed Stride’s movement speed with this update.
      Download link for update/fix is the same.

      1. Thank you for fixing the Assassin Ring. I think Stride was already fixed with one of the recent updates. Thank you again, this mod is simply amazing.

  13. I used this mod in A20 and worked just fine. One exception was the venom ring, the venom ring doesn’t work for some reason. Maybe it is and the effect isn’t showing up on the UI I use. I also had a weird bug happen. Used the 40% Amplification Ring and all my effects went into an infinite loop. The time would go up instead of down. Took the ring off and the times started going down, but the times were super high. The steroid affect especially. Was over 4 hours, and I had to constantly spawn drinks in for the duration because of how steroids affect thirst. Great mod, love it, but no idea about the bugs.

    1. I think I have a note about added projectiles having a bricking potential for bows, I will do some investigating. Thx for the bug report!

  14. I found some bugs Traveler’s charm is not working after 10 level always grant 1 cap
    and Ignitious, Frigus, Fulgor has no cooldown

  15. Really great mod, however at least the Ring of Amplification is bugged – instead of +30% i get +300% on things like vitamins (instead of 12 mins, i get 36).

    1. So when making the effect for Ring of Amplification I noticed an oddity for how duration is handled and I think the game’s core system has some inner working I cant see. It seems the higher the duration an item has, the more effective the duration becomes.

  16. Need this for A21. I have a certain combo for mining I love and would like to use in A21. Thanks for your hard work on modding, this is one of my favs.

  17. Love these but since I’m using the Mega loot mod I’m getting multiple rings I don’t need or can scrap. Can you make it possible to either sell the ones you don’t need to the trader or scrap them? I’m playing single player, so I can just give them to a fellow player. I checked and one or two are the same, or have lower stats I don’t want anymore.

  18. this is a great mod. however just trying to play this on apocalypse now and they are not spawning in? do i need to do it on a new world?

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