Craftable Schematics and Perk Books

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This mod allows you to craft most perk books and schematics excluding some of the tier 1 weapons you can easily just get a perk for and make a better one.

Everything will cost Duke’s Casino Coins along with some paper.

This is an endgame mod, if you believe it is too overpowered or “game breaking” to have in your game, do not install it. Its purpose is to allow you to find those few books you may be missing or trying to gather that steel armor or steel tools schematic you haven’t gotten lucky enough to find after a couple months of in game time. Could also be because you want progression to be sped up even further. Darklegend222 is not going to license this mod, feel free to change the recipes if you believe the costs are too high. It is a game, have fun being able to craft all the elusive books!

To install, simply put the folder it extracts to inside of the 7 days to die “Mods” folder and relaunch the game.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Darklegend222

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