Almost Universal Turret Ammo Mod

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This mod allows the SMG Auto Turret and the Shotgun Auto Turret to accept all 3 of the ammo types associated with them.

7 days to die almost universal turret ammo mod additional screenshot


Version 1.1

  • I made it so every bullet for 9mm rounds, magnum rounds, and shotgun shells have their own turret.
  • Each of those turrets now have their own damage types equal to the bullet types.
  • Also added a recipe so you can craft all of these.
  • Additionally I made it so you can unlock the crafting recipes once you unlock the base turret(s). So if I unlock the SMG Auto Turret, I get all of the 9mm and magnum round turrets due to them all being under the same turret.


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Credits: Creepers152

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