Crafted In

7 days to die crafted in, 7 days to die recipes

If you don’t know in which work area the items are made and you are tired of searching where they are manufactured, then this mod is for you, with this mod it doesn’t matter if you have a thousand work areas it will still show you their names in descriptions of everything item that is manufactured, and if it finds more than one work area it will only add a comma.

Remember to have EAC disabled and the mod has the server and the client.


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Credits: Djtriplexmr

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2 thoughts on “Crafted In

  1. I am installing this now but if it works like you say it will, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I edit a lot of files so I forget a lot what craft area I chose when setting up the recipes lol, what a lifesaver 🙂

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