Remove Player Items From Compass

7 days to die remove player items from compass

Currently this mod hides these “player owned” items from the compass, though you can see them as “onscreen sprites” when you get close enough to them unless you have added mods (see URL’s below) to also remove the sprites.

  • spear
  • supply_drop
  • backpack_distant
  • bicycle
  • minibike
  • motorcycle
  • gyrocopter
  • junk_turret
  • junk_sledge
  • land_claim
  • sleeping_bag

This mod is made to also be used with his “Remove the Map” mod, in order to make navigation harder. Some things are purposefully not removed so quests and such can still be found/seen, though in theory, if removed you could still navigate via selecting the quest and following the “distance to” info.

Original inspiration from:

Androthi/Starscreams “AND-DeclutterCompass” Mod, which already removes certain items.

Sirillion’s “ZQLxNavObjects” Mod, that removes all onscreen sprites (See also a similar mod by “Wookie”)


  • More “immersion” due to a cleaner UI
  • More “immersion” as you will not have this info readily available for navigation


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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