Turrets by Furious Angel

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This is my updated turret pack from A20 to A21.

It adds four new craftable/buyable auto turrets, all lighting up your nights with an incendiary ammunition. They accept all variations of ammo in their specified caliber, but you won’t get any benefits from HP or AP ammo; damage is always the same, as if loading a standard ammo < as per game parameters >, to make sure nothing is overpowered. Rate of fire is similar to the vanilla weapons they represent. All turrets unlock at level 75 of Traps. Specs as follow:

Sniper Turret (Any 7.62 Ammo)

  • Damage: 99
  • Range: 89 m (aka blocks)
  • Rate 60 rounds/minute

AK-47 Turret (Any 7.62 Ammo)

  • Damage: 47
  • Range: 40 m (aka blocks)
  • Rate 400 rounds/minute

Magnum Turret (Any .44 Ammo)

  • Damage: 70
  • Range: 35 m (aka blocks)
  • Rate 60 rounds/minute

Super Shotgun Turret (Any Shells)

  • Damage: 90 (10 per pellet)
  • Range: 20 m (aka blocks)
  • Rate 120 rounds/minute

All turrets get bonus for headshots, sniper having the largest one for obvious reasons.

Longer range than SMG and regular shotgun turrets, more than double the hardness and extra 10% explosive resist. Also have better than vanilla angle vision, sights & reaction time.

Feel free to rewrite as you will to your liking, but give me a credit if re-posting.

Needs to be installed both on client and server side for multiplayer.


Simply drop “Turrets by Furious” folder into your 7 Days To Die/Mods .. directory so it’s “<drive:> 7 Days To Die/Mods/Turrets by Furious.
If you don’t have any mods yet, you’ll need to create the new folder called Mods in your game’s directory and drop the folder in there.

There are no knows conflicts or bugs; tested on A21 b324 version, as these are unique turrets and do not modify any vanilla assets in the game.

Tnx & Enjoy!


Credits: Furious Angel

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4 thoughts on “Turrets by Furious Angel

  1. Bugg !
    When you teleport close to this ( home by ServerTools ) you have all this on console and you have 60% for server down .

    I cant place here the error because of website seems….SAD !

  2. If anyone has tried this mod, can you please tell me if it feels balanced, or if the turrets feel OP? I really like the idea of this mod but I don’t want to make my game TOO easy lol

    1. It’s not bad they are setup for the same dmg/rng as their weapon equivalent without mods. That being said snipers and ak47 turrets wont let to much get close to the base and if you use shotgun and smg for short range dont expect much to make it thru the hail of bullets. Greenies might get close but with enough turret overlap nothing will. AK and Sniper have the same ammo allowed per stack as the game ammo stacks so if unmodded it will be 3 stacks of 150 per gun. 44 uses the same but 3 stacks of 300.

    2. Nope, not overpowered at all. They have the same damage as the bullets they use, same as the in-game turrets do. Their range and rate of fire is also similar to their weapon equivalents. I had no errors while playing with these and now I have some place to stash all those extra .44 bullets and 7.62. Love the fire damage effect, at nighttime, when the horde comes, it looks like bunch of swarming fireflies XD

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