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As Latheos is getting Craftworx overhauled for A18, he has been making mods to test things as he go. The first couple are out and functional, and more will be forthcoming, with the emphasis on the things people like most about past versions coming out soonest.

Quicker Crossbow

Increases the reload speed for the iron and compound crossbows to make them more useful.

Double-Barreled Shotgun Melee

Removes the aiming mechanic from the double-barreled shotgun and replaces it with a melee attack, useful for when you run out of ammo, or those first two shots don’t drop your target. It’s not fast, but it works.

Scrap Iron Items

Scrap iron tools (axe, pickaxe, shovel, and knife) and archery ammo (arros and bolts, crafted from scrap iron, wood, and scrap polymers). Balanced to bridge the gap between stone and iron tools and ammo.

Quality of Life

Makes beakers, jail doors, and jail bars craftable. These items require learning either the Advanced Engineering or Yeah Science perks to unlock to maintain balance with the vanilla game. Also increases the amount of wood harvested from empty pallets and pallet stacks, with a small chance to also harvest nails, and allows for harvesting crushed cars for a few extra resources. Makes decorative car motors harvestable with a wrench.

Lit Jack’o’Lanterns

Makes the Jack’o’Lanterns flicker like candles and produce light.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Latheos

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One thought on “Craftworx Mods

  1. Is this going to be updated to 19? I really miss the scrap iron tools! I tried it and it seems to work but there is no icon for the tools in your pack.

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