7 thoughts on “HP Bars

  1. Confirmed to be working on Alpha 18 b4 as well, working on zombies and animals.

    The names for the entities (are different from the console names e.g. ‘zombieOldTimer’ would be ‘Zombie Cowboy’ in the bar which seems intended compared to the screenshot on ‘zombieArlene’ as ‘Putrid Girl’. However, animal names are the same (e.g. ‘animalWolf’).

    On another note, are replies notified by email?

  2. Hey there khaine i downloaded your hp mod and it not showing up in my singe player game, any ideas i put it in my mods folder but nothing happens.

    1. It is missing the ModInfo.xml file. Download the alpha 19 version and copy the modinfo.xml file to the alpha 20 version folder.

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