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Welcome to Joke Mod!


Version 3.0.4 for A21.1 B16 Only

This mod is about 85% a joke, 10% serious, 5% butterscotch ripple. It has been an idea for years and is finally a realization. It literally started as a joke and grew from there. The mod has been made so that players can have a serious playthrough and not just log in for 5 minutes, have some laughs, and never play it again. Although some people might still do that. Rude!

This mod was thought up/created by RizzoMF and Zilox with consultation from Khaine and killerbunny264. Big thank you to our testers over the Versions: Jbirdgaming, Dobbers, Reddaboo, KP_The_Stonehammer, Amilla Silverline, Hijarlz, Darkness From Above, Southern38, PeachyKeen80, Ecktos, Redstonedad, Yubinashi, Extruda, Celebanto, RoyalEagle_Kingdom, and Rowen_Blackwing_Gaming. Also, a big thank you to my community for the ideas and support!

Community members from whom ideas were stolen, er used: turbodiarrhea_, killerbunny264, Hehahigh, drbananastbagsyou, Hijarl, CloudZayne, xpenguin84x, Dobbers, and anyone else we may have missed.

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How to Download (Make sure EAC is OFF!)

Direct Download (available below). Also available on the mod launcher!

Want to run a server with the mod? Just yeet the same files into the mods folder on your server.

Need to rent a server? Check out G Portal! I have used them for a few years now and love their servers and prices! Use this link and get 10% off.

Now bear in mind this is a new mod and while we try to test everything, there may be bugs/balance issues. Please report any bugs on the appropriate Discord channel. Also, use modlets with Joke Mod at your own risk! We cannot ensure compatibility.

3.0.4 Update

  • Fixed Physics Ray and its ammo missing recipes
  • Fixed Blessed Metal missing its recipe
  • Lowered sell price for hospital beds and gurneys
  • Added a trader block for each trader to the Working PC instead of a random trader
  • Fixed mod slots on the Electric Drill
  • Lowered loot in red flare air drops
  • Fixed display amount of cured Dysentery on Tube Socks

Features Most Everything List

(Contains Spoilers!)

Version 3 Changes & Additions

  • Added a Journal Page covering the most important changes of Version 3
  • MECHANIC CHANGE – Removed primary governing perks (Strength, Agility, etc). Added new perks tree’s (General, Firearm, Melee, Harvesting, Wellbeing). Bonus crit damage and dismember chance rolled into weapon perks.
  • MECHANIC CHANGE – Removed the vanilla death debuff and replaced it with our own. Now upon respawn, players will have Dysentery, receive 25% less XP for 10 minutes, AND respawn with lower starting food/drink/health. That’s rough!
  • MECHANIC CHANGE – Removed stamina usage when zooming in with a gun.
  • MECHANIC CHANGE – Stink: Any med cures Stink at any time for it’s stated amount. Also Level 2 Stink now lowers Max Health and also makes bartering worse. Level 3 turns FERAL SENSE ON plus lower Max Health and worse bartering. Cure your Stink below each level’s threshold to remove these hindrances.
  • NEW FEATURE – Schematics/books can be scrapped for Arcade Tickets. Added Ticket Redemption machines to traders and in other various places. You can use Arcade Tickets at these machines to “buy” schematics.
  • ADDED Legendary (Limited Edition) tier weapons. These can be found in the RizCo loot chest, hidden stashes, tier 4,5,6 buried quests, thrown flare loot, and drops from strong zombies
  • Changed the starting items
  • Starting backpack encumberance is now 36/96
  • Restore Power quests can now be done at ANY time, not just night
  • Reverted workstation tools back to vanilla – cooking pot, crucible, etc
  • Pet Rocks are slightly easier to find
  • You can have a chance to harvest Diamonds from Pet Boulders (5% chance)
  • Brown cardboard boxes can now be looted
  • Be careful you don’t slip on a banana
  • Tires in the world now have a chance for harvest of a good tire OR a bad tire that needs repaired
  • Tires can now be wrenched from vehicles above tier 0 (the non-lootable level)
  • Gain +10 to lootstage when looting at night
  • Bat to the Moon no longer benefits from any perk (may add a custom one in the future)
  • Changed some sounds on items (Bat to the Moon for instance)
  • Dropping onto hay bales from any height does no damage
  • The Jar of Farts can now be “used”
  • Updated all the colors of the custom candies
  • Greatly reduced spawn rate of the really short grass
  • Rebalanced Stink meds
  • Slightly nerfed Jump Jets
  • Added rollup doors back to recipes since somehow they were missing
  • The water gun now extinguishes zombies on fire and does bonus damage against burnt zombies AND Mountain Lions/House Cats
  • Fatigue can now also be cured with Can of Pop, Coffee, Pumpkin Spiced Iced Coffee, Blackstrap Coffee, and Brawndo (Mega Crush)
  • Some weapon ammo particles have been updated
  • Added more loot to small safes
  • Changed the death tune
  • The goose (A Hole) no longer has a filthy mouth
  • Key racks both open AND close doors now
  • You now walk, run, and drive faster on ashpalt and POI concrete blocks, but NOT player made asphalt blocks
  • Changed the loading screen tips click sound
  • The Rocket Lawnchair now gets mad air
  • Added more items that are of legendary status, but they are called Limited Edition
  • Added the old bedrolls back in, plus added a few more
  • Skeletons now have their own gore block after death
  • Stinky Bat now comes with BOTH bleed and armor shredding effects, but cannot accept Barbed Wire or Metal Spikes mods
  • Reduced damage of Blessed Metal mod to 50% from 100%
  • Annoying kids learned how to talk and express themselves
  • Lowered crop yield and seed drop chance slightly on banana tree’s
  • Finger Gun repair casts now properly show up in the chem station under the Chemicals tab
  • Reduced the amount of Toilet Paper found in urinals
  • Cat Food Surprise no longer is sold in bulk in vending machines
  • Element Gun now benefits from Wazer Weapons perk instead of Gunslinger perk
  • Lowered the break chance of lockpicks
  • Fixed decorative multi blocks not being craftable
  • Added new workstation icons to the recipe list for the microwave, wood stove, and ticket machine.
  • Lowered First Aid Kit stack size to 20
  • Increased Duke stack size to 30K
  • The T1 Microphone club has been changed to a T3 stun baton
  • Joke Mod related static spawning vehicles now have their own loot lists consisting of Joke Mod related items
  • Updated the thrown flares for more variety plus they work better now
  • Increased the Duke value of Thrown Flares
  • The Winning Lotto Ticket now attracts an unexpected guest
  • Wasteland traders have been removed from starting quest line go to (because Khaine whined about it)
  • Gore Armor perk Bloody Mess has been removed and Gore Armor now ties into the Light Armor perk
  • It’s Coming Right For Us perk ranks now grant bonus chances for animals to drop chassis’
  • Reversed having loot containers destroy on close except for a select few (toilets, bird nests, dumpsters, etc)
  • Lowered world spawning custom landmine damage by 75% (well, almost all of them)
  • Killing Jasper now has consequences, because he is a nice guy
  • Made Polished Nails cheaper to craft
  • Lowered Annoying Kid spawn rate in POI
  • Balanced the Beaver Tooth Special to do more melee and less block damage compared to the chainsaw
  • Added back jar creation after drinking anything in a glass jar
  • Edited vanilla glasses and goggles with new abilities
  • Changed Beer Goggles to give a point into each Knuckle Sandwich and Brawler
  • Replaced all surface ore nodes with building blocks made of that ore
  • Genital Piercings now put a point into the Heavy Metal perk
  • Rebalanced the RizCo PC a bit. Increased number of items for sale, added new items, removed the clothing group
  • Clothing with pockets now unlock encumberance slots. Number of slots depends on the article of clothing
  • Vehicles now do very little block damage under 5 km/h
  • Rebalanced the Plunger so it’s actually better than a wood club
  • Plastic hammer also squeeks when upgrading blocks because Khaine whined about it
  • Slightly nerfed all the annoying kids (health and regen)
  • Lowered the spawn rate on Gore Legs in the world
  • Upped Stay Within radius on Defense quests and lowered time required to complete
  • Demonic Flappy Bird fire effect now goes away when it dies
  • Removed needing a claw hammer/wrench to craft a workbench using a broken workbench
  • Reduced the amount of acid needed to craft a chem station using a broken chem station
  • Canned food can be scrapped again. Eating canned food creates empty cans. Because logic.
  • Upped the drop chance of an animal chassis on tougher animal
  • All books/magazines now only stack to 1. This is to prevent loss of tickets when scrapping.
  • Empty jars can be filled at all sources of water BUT due to TFP shenanigans, to fix the issue, left click fills at water blocks and right click fills at other sources (sinks, toilets, etc)
  • Replaced the M4 model
  • All books/magazines now only stack to 1. This is to prevent loss of tickets when scrapping for tickets
  • Adult Diaper has been moved to late game T4 and T5 loot chests and hidden stashes only
  • Anti-Fart Undies and Adult Diaper now intstall only into pants/shorts. Gotta choose one mod or the other
  • Slightly lowered the lootstage modifier (the % added) for each biome above forest
  • Increased the health of all Joke Mod vehicles
  • The moon looks a bit… different
  • Who opened that door?
  • Various clowns now have tints depending on their type
  • Crucibles can now be sold
  • Barb wire is now a variant block with all barb wire blocks
  • Shooting target is now a variant block with all shooting targets
  • Adult Diaper and Anti Fart Undies can now be sold
  • Horde night animals that can potentially drop chassis have had their % chance lowered to 1%
  • Sniper Vol 5 book changed from removing stam usage on rifles to increasing magazine size on snipers by 50%
  • The lantern recipe is now unlocked by default
  • Lowered the attack range, damage, and block damage on the house cat
  • New broken vending machines can be lockpicked. Each has it’s own loot pool. The broken candy machine is just lootable, no lockpick needed.
  • Moved the in game ESC menu list down so it is not covered by player stats on servers
  • Removed the second part of Big Red Button and upped the level requirement to 50
  • Lowered health of all zombies back to A20 levels
  • Changed Further Survival 6 from kill skeletons to defeat a boss
  • Challenges on the Challenge Board now only cost 1 duke
  • All challenge notes that were GoTo now spawn the entity/entities at the players location
  • Seeds show up less frequently in loot
  • Lowered Dirty Diaper loot chance from brown boxes
  • Very large or small entities redone in Unity so they ragdoll better and have better hitboxes
  • Fanny Pack now only installs on pants/shorts
  • Nerfed brown box loot
  • Doubled the amount of time crops need to grow, from 63 to 120 minutes
  • Reverted all items with mods slots to one slot per level of the item
  • Plant Fiber Knife can now accept mods
  • Being in a covered vehicle now provides heat/cold protection
  • Tempered Blade and Serrated Blade mods can be used together now
  • Picking up any farm plot now gives a multi block
  • Swatch mod now also gives player a point into Charismatic Nature
  • Removed the heat generation from Dew Collectors because stupid
  • Increased the base health of vanilla vehicles
  • Eating bananas now gives you a peel that can be used to create a trap
  • Additional entity resistances added:
    • Skeletons cannot be set on fire (already cannot bleed)
    • Couch, Mannequin, Tree, Scarecrows take extra fire damage
    • RizCo Robot, Poly Fireighters, Sponge cannot be set on fire


  • Fixed Gore Armor crafting cost reduction of Gore – was set to Forged Gore accidentally
  • Fixed Localization on Pack Mule. It had vanilla unlock slots instead of ours. Each rank unlocks 7 slots
  • Fixed issue with Duckbill and Rubber Pellets mods not being able to be used at same time
  • Fixed Reinforced Steel Spear not being repairable
  • Fixed Localization for disffusing landmines
  • Fixed Chicken & Dumplings description
  • Fixed Broom Sword not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed Working Sinks & Toilets now properly under workbench crafting
  • Fixed Zil updated lights since some were missed (being able to interact)
  • Fixed Local issue with Raptor being mispelled in a couple places, werds r herd
  • Fixed Nail Some Chicks yellow note quest not working properly


    • Knuckle Sandwich – bonuses for bare handed fighting
    • Dirty Harry – for magnum weapons (they are separate from 9mm weapons now)
    • Heavy Metal – for heavy guns like the m60, minigun, and light machineguns
  • ADDED a custom Navezgane map with a handful of custom POI
  • ADDED a package that can be opened for starter items
  • ADDED neon signs via a modlet created by Zilox and Three08
  • ADDED a Poop Sock Grenade
  • ADDED Gore Leg seeds you can plant for your very own gore pile.
  • ADDED T1 Plastic Knuckles
  • ADDED the Dessert Eagle (Limited Edition)
  • ADDED colored Butt Plugs with “surprises”
  • ADDED explosive ammo versions of 9mm, 7.62, .44, and shotgun shells
  • ADDED a replicating Clown
  • ADDED a gravity defying Clown
  • ADDED a feral Demo Clown
  • ADDED a special Mutated Clown
  • ADDED a new quiet clown, Silent But Deadly
  • ADDED two spider Clowns
  • ADDED new low def zombies and a… scarecrow?
  • ADDED a screamer summoner block
  • ADDED a Crow Bar
  • ADDED a T0 glass shank
  • ADDED a T4 Gore Sledgehammer
  • ADDED a T2 Frying Pan
  • ADDED a T1 Police Baton
  • ADDED a T2 Kitchen Knife
  • ADDED some new rare candies with very special buffs
  • ADDED 10 new vehicles – Hover Cow, Bull Dozer, Shark, Scorpion, Chicken, Elephant, Unicorn, Muscle Car, Clown Car, Ice Cream Truck
  • ADDED More dad jokes!
  • ADDED a new creeper zombie
  • ADDED another annoying kid. He is a little older and MUCH more annoying
  • ADDED some zombified… stuff
  • ADDED a new scientific gun for problems big and small
  • ADDED a new club that really puts kids in their place
  • ADDED arcade cabinets that are a source for Arcade Tickets
  • ADDED the RizCo R17 Pistol (9mm)
  • ADDED another thing to the wasteland, it does a thing
  • ADDED a drill that acts like a higher tier crowbar plus weapon
  • ADDED a T1 shovel spear
  • ADDED a Limited Edition sledgehammer
  • ADDED a Limited Edition bone sword
  • ADDED multiple new Bone weapons
  • ADDED T2 boxing glove knuckles
  • ADDED a few new paintings and a new loading screen
  • ADDED a T2 long bow
  • ADDED a T2 recurve crossbow
  • ADDED new decor multi blocks
  • ADDED new custom storage containers
  • ADDED a T1 balloon sword
  • ADDED a Limited Edition spear
  • ADDED a T2 parking meter sledgehammer
  • ADDED a new ammo for bows & crossbows: pencils
  • ADDED a couple non-humanoid entities
  • ADDED a new skeleton variant
  • ADDED new laser weapons: Submachine Gun, semi-auto Rifle, Carbine. Removed the full auto laser gun. Gave the laser pistol a new model.
  • ADDED some new challenge notes: Send In The Clowns & A Good Boning
  • ADDED crawler variants of most vanilla zombies
  • ADDED recipes for ember piles as decor
  • ADDED recipe for new log walls as a multiblock
  • ADDED a Hobo Smoothie
  • ADDED a new T3 toy oven that doubles as a chem station
  • ADDED pickup to way more deco blocks in the world
  • ADDED a challenge for killing geese
  • ADDED more custom POI – RizCo Library, RizCo Arcade, 9 Lives Cafe, Zombie Games
  • ADDED some end game boss entities. They are tougher to take down but give good loot.
  • ADDED a new trader – Trader B Hole!
  • ADDED a surprise to flareguns, low chance to see it
  • ADDED the V2 traders in alongside the new traders for more variety
  • ADDED new main menu music – five different songs, one picked at random on startup
  • ADDED a recipe for the bear totem
  • ADDED alarms to some safes and secure loot. Will not trigger when lockpicking. Low chance for it to go off when breaking open
  • ADDED more custom storage options


  • Removed all the vanilla magazines and the skill tree they were attached to
  • Removed the BB Gun
  • Removed the Desert Eagle
  • Removed Iron Hoe since Farm Plots are easy to craft and can also be picked up in world POI
  • Removed the Toilet Brush and Glass Cleaner meds that cure Stink
  • Removed the annoying bedrock impact sound
  • Removed Khaines modlet for larger toolbelt and added our own
  • Removed the shock and burn from using laser weapons
  • Removed Flurry of Blows and rolled Attacks Per Minute into each melee perk
  • Removed jarred water from toilets (they are still water sources)
  • Removed diffuse option from landmines
  • Removed Plastic Spike trap
  • Removed Dukes from register loot
  • Removed the Annoying Kids from sleeper groups
  • Removed clothing pocket mods (clothing automatically now comes with pockets if applicable)

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 2

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 3

Modlets Included

  • Custom Particle Loader (by closer_ex)
  • Added: Zombies, animals, guns, melee weapons, food/drinks, medical items, quests, work stations, clothing, armor, junk, magazines
  • All item recipes removed from the skill tree. Recipes can only be learned from schematics
  • Schematics/books can be scrapped for Arcade Tickets. Added Ticket Redemption machines to traders and in other various places. You can use Arcade Tickets at these machines to “buy” schematics.
  • Removed primary governing perks (Strength, Agility, etc). Added new perks tree’s (General, Firearm, Melee, Harvesting, Wellbeing). Bonus crit damage and dismember chance rolled into weapon perks.
  • Removed trader protection & set open times to almost always open
  • Removed weapon/tool parts
  • Removed the vanilla death debuff and replaced it with our own. Now upon respawn, players will have Dysentery, receive 25% less XP for 10 minutes, AND respawn with lower starting food/drink/health. That’s rough!
  • All night horde night!


  • Custom yellow challenge notes
  • Trader quests with different objectives
  • High tier trader quests
  • Night time buried quests
  • Starter quest shortened
  • Trader quest line with a great end reward
  • A second trader quest line with more great rewards
  • Added Buried Treasure 4-6 tier
  • Removed nighttime limitation from Restore Power quests


  • New food and drinks
  • Hurray! You can farm the land once again! Garden hoe added back in and you can hoe the ground
  • Canned food has dysentery again, aww crap.
  • Actually, all food has various levels of dysentery. You aren’t a master chef after all.


  • Infection has been replaced with Stink. You ALWAYS have a stink and you must keep it under control with various items.
  • New candies with various effects


  • Melee – clubs, blades, spears, knuckles. Also an entire line of Bone themed melee weapons.
  • Guns – pew pews for every category


  • Plant fiber, plastic, and cutlery tools
  • Power tool mods to make them melee weapons


  • Eyewear with various effects
  • Armor mods
  • Paper, gore, bomb squad armors

Everything Else

  • Removed zombie rage mechanic
  • Lockable inventory slots
  • New resource – Gore
  • Lot’s of pointless items
  • Custom paintings
  • Additional water sources – if it looks like one, it probably is!
  • Advanced work stations
  • Mod slots – 1 per item quality
  • Custom magazines
  • Bigger backpack
  • Larger toolbelt
  • Trader protection off – Open almost 24/7
  • Custom vehicles
  • World decor
  • Custom POI
  • Many world decor items can be picked up
  • Cardboard boxes are lootable
  • No stamina use when zooming
  • POI lights can be turned on/off and color/brightness adjusted
  • Broken workstations can be picked up and repaired

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 4

In conclusion, thank you to everyone who at least tries this mod. It won’t be for everyone but we still appreciate the time taken to try it!


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: RizzoMF

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23 thoughts on “Joke Mod

  1. Seeing comments about missing traders and such. Make sure you are playing on the most current version of vanilla which is 21.1. You can join the Discord to always know what version of the mod and vanilla to use.

  2. Hi, I keep getting this error message on different maps:
    ERR Loading prefabs xml file for level ‘jokezgane_V3’: method not found.
    How can I fix this?

  3. mod is amazing same way as older versions but so far i finde only one isue that in some cases makes me struggle with my base designs and just general gameplay iam not sure its game it self or mod but it feels like character hit box is out of place lets say when you going up stairs that is only 1 block wide you cant realy move that much around stairs and it just forces character to the right side of the path and you cant get closer to the wall + as well it looks that you are way higer than you should be lets say normal door way is 2 blocks tall and it looks like that you are cliping into 3rd block but not including that mod is amazing

  4. Downloaded this ..should it take long to load ? Been waiting 15 mins for the game to load . Using the joke map .

  5. Is it the feature of the mod to remove traders or are traders not spawning on the map because of bug? The supposed locations of traders are all just empty patches of land now on both joke map and pregen maps as well.

  6. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this mod. I may only have a couple thosand hours in vanilla, over 1200 hours in Darkness Falls and now just 200 hours in this but it has become my favorite mod. Well done with the laughs and craziness but I love how hard this can be at times. So many cool things that show up but I have to love the Macy Day Parade creature, The floating clowns. I love shooting them out of the sky with my camo sniper rifle. Oh god I laugh way to hard everytime they hit the ground with a big thud. Just call me the clown killer. LOL.

  7. DE: Mit diesem Mod ist das Leben in der Apocalypse ein bisschen leichter, der Juke Mod ist sehr gut gelungen 🙂

    EN: With this mod life in the apocalypse is a bit easier, the juke mod is very well done 🙂

  8. Love the mod! The tweaks to the game progression are some of the best I’ve seen so far. The bloodmoons in this mod are very hard, and the uncertainty of finding key recipes really changes the game. Like they said, it’s not for everyone, and if you take this mod lightly then the joke is on you.

    Wishlist for Rizco: What if we had a lance mod for bikes that let us go jousting?

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