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7 days to die joke mod, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Welcome to Joke Mod!


Version 2.9.3

This mod is about 85% a joke, 10% serious, 5% butterscotch ripple. It has been an idea for years and is finally a realization. It literally started as a joke and grew from there. The mod has been made so that players can have a serious playthrough and not just log in for 5 minutes, have some laughs, and never play it again. Although some people might still do that. Rude!

This mod was thought up/created by RizzoMF and Zilox with consultation from Khaine and killerbunny264. Thanks also to our testers RedDaBoo, Dobbers, Jbirdgaming_, hijarl, darkness_from_above, Ecktos, and peachykeen80. Also, a big thank you to my community for the ideas and support!

Community members from whom ideas were stolen, er used: turbodiarrhea_, killerbunny264, Hehahigh, drbananastbagsyou, Hijarl, CloudZayne, xpenguin84x, Dobbers, and anyone else we may have missed.

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How to Download (Make sure EAC is OFF!)

Direct Download (available below). Also available on the mod launcher!

Want to run a server with the mod? Just yeet the same files into the mods folder on your server.

Need to rent a server? Check out G Portal! I have used them for a few years now and love their servers and prices! Use this link and get 5% off.

Now bear in mind this is a new mod and while we try to test everything, there may be bugs/balance issues. Please report any bugs on the appropriate Discord channel. Also, use modlets with Joke Mod at your own risk! We cannot ensure compatibility.

Features Short List

  • Added: Zombies, animals, guns, melee weapons, food/drinks, medical items, quests, work stations, clothing, armor, junk, magazines
  • All item recipes removed from the skill tree. Recipes can only be learned from schematics
  • New skill tree section: Joker
  • Removed trader protection & set open times to almost always open
  • Removed: weapon/tool parts
  • All night horde nights

Modlets Included

  • No Zombie Rage (by Mythix)
  • Vehicle Sound Fix (by Khaine)
  • Vehicle Damage Patch (by Khaine)
  • 12 Slot Toolbelt (by Khaine)
  • Disable Trader Protection (by Khaine)
  • Custom Particle Loader (by closer_ex)
  • Full Auto Launcher (by closer_ex)

Features Almost Everything List

For the complete list of Version 2 features, go here: Contains Spoilers!

  • Zombies: Mega Karen, Annoying Kid, Jasper the Friendly Zombie, Super Steve, Skeleton, Clown, G.I. Joel
  • Animals: Pig, Cow, Bull, Baby Bear, Scorpions, Goose, Snail, Shark, Crocodile, Rage Cock, Giant Murder Chickens, House Cat, Flappy Bird, & a special extinct surprise

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 2

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 3


  • Custom yellow challenge notes
  • Trader quests with different objectives
  • High tier trader quests
  • Night time buried quests
  • Starter quest shortened
  • New trader quest with a great end reward
  • Added Buried Treasure 4-6 tier


  • New food and drinks
  • Hurray! You can farm the land once again! Garden hoe added back in and you can hoe the ground
  • Canned food has dysentery again, aww crap.
  • Actually, all food has various levels of dysentery. You aren’t a master chef after all.


  • Infection has been replaced with Stink. You ALWAYS have a stink and you must keep it under control with various items.
  • New candies with various effects


  • Melee – clubs, blades, spears
  • Guns – 11 ballistic, 1 explosive, 3 laser, and a few special guns
  • Custom landmines


  • New tiers – plant fiber, plastic, and cutlery tools
  • Power tool mods to make them melee weapons


  • Eyewear with various effects
  • Armor mods
  • New tiers – paper, gore, bomb squad

Everything Else

  • Removed zombie rage mechanic
  • Lockable inventory slots
  • New resource – Gore
  • Lot’s of pointless items
  • Custom paintings
  • Some containers destroy on close
  • Additional water sources – if it looks like one, it probably is!
  • Advanced work stations
  • Removed weapon/tool parts from loot/recipes
  • Removed learned recipes from the skill tree
  • ALL recipes/schematics must be found in the world
  • Mod slots – 1 per item quality
  • Custom perk tree
  • Custom magazines
  • Bigger backpack
  • Larger toolbelt (Khaines modlet)
  • Trader protection off – Open almost 24/7
  • Custom vehicles
  • World decor
  • Custom POI

7 days to die joke mod additional screenshot 4

In conclusion, thank you to everyone who at least tries this mod. It won’t be for everyone but we still appreciate the time taken to try it!


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: RizzoMF

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8 thoughts on “Joke Mod

  1. Love the mod! The tweaks to the game progression are some of the best I’ve seen so far. The bloodmoons in this mod are very hard, and the uncertainty of finding key recipes really changes the game. Like they said, it’s not for everyone, and if you take this mod lightly then the joke is on you.

    Wishlist for Rizco: What if we had a lance mod for bikes that let us go jousting?

  2. DE: Mit diesem Mod ist das Leben in der Apocalypse ein bisschen leichter, der Juke Mod ist sehr gut gelungen 🙂

    EN: With this mod life in the apocalypse is a bit easier, the juke mod is very well done 🙂

  3. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this mod. I may only have a couple thosand hours in vanilla, over 1200 hours in Darkness Falls and now just 200 hours in this but it has become my favorite mod. Well done with the laughs and craziness but I love how hard this can be at times. So many cool things that show up but I have to love the Macy Day Parade creature, The floating clowns. I love shooting them out of the sky with my camo sniper rifle. Oh god I laugh way to hard everytime they hit the ground with a big thud. Just call me the clown killer. LOL.

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