Sorcery Mod

7 days to die sorcery mod

Play 7 Days to Die as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you’ll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell by casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning.


  • Vanilla game 100% untouched, add-only policy!
  • Balanced around vanilla gameplay, you must train to gain and sustain your power!
  • Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items
  • New Spells: Craft, Master and Upgrade 5 Spells per element!
  • New Enemies: Touched, Fallen (Champion), Awakened (Boss), Ancient (Raid)
  • New Attributes: Sorcery, Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • New Resource: Spirit (mana required to perform all Sorcery)
  • New Dual Skill Tree and Perks: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • New Crafting: Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls, Stations, Blocks, Resources
  • New Armor Sets: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • New Masteries: Alchemy, Runesmithing, Spirit, Essence, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • Play-style: Sorcerer (Spellcaster)
  • Play-style: Alchemist (Potions, Bombs)
  • Play-style: Archer Mage (Spell Arrows)
  • Play-style: Gun Mage (Spell Ammo)
  • Play-style: Melee Mage (Spell Weapons)
  • Weapon Abilities: Primary, Secondary, Passive and Charge abilities
  • Rune Mods: Harness the power of Runes to augment your weapons, armor and gear!
  • Alchemy: Craft Potions, Elixirs and Bombs
  • Loot: Item Sets, Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls and more!

Compatible Mods

PENDING FOR SORCERY A19 – As compatible mods are reported here, the compatible mod/modlet will be added to the list:

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

You agree to the full Terms of Use and Disclaimer herein by downloading and using the Sorcery Mod.

Terms of Use

All digital assets and ideas contained herein, and made possible by the “Sorcery Mod”, is the sole digital proprietary property of mod Author Devrix. Ownership and equal rights are hereby, irrefutably and solely, extended and granted to The Fun Pimps legal entity in good faith.


The Sorcery Mod may be downloaded and used by players of the 7 Days to Die community, with no required royalties. Other than the XML Code itself, digital assets and works of the Sorcery Mod may not be used outside of the Sorcery Mod. By downloading and using the Sorcery Mod, users of the mod understand and accept full and sole responsibility and liability of using the mod. Author, nor The Fun Pimps, shall be held responsible or liable for any possible conflict(s) as a direct or indirect result of using this mod.


The XML code of the Sorcery Mod may solely be redistributed within the 7 Days to Die community. Conditions of redistribution require this notice to remain in full, unmodified, and a direct link, with credit stated, to the original Mod and Author. You may not redistribute the digital Assets or works, aside from XML Code, of the Sorcery Mod. The Sorcery Mod itself should not be redistributed outside of its original distribution channels.


This mod is made possible through the framework provided by The Fun Pimps. It is their hard work and ongoing dedication to building and improving an awesome game that fuels the passion and drives the creation of this mod. Supporters of the Sorcery Mod make ongoing development possible. Without their support, it is not possible to put in the enormous amount of time required to create the plethora of unique assets that make Sorcery.


The Terms of Use and Disclaimer herein are subject to ongoing changes and modifications.


The Sorcery Mod is, and will always be, 100% FREE. When you choose to Support Development, you are supporting the unique individual work Devrix personally do outside of the game, as a content creator: The creation of unique VFX, SFX, Art, Time creating content and the services/interaction he provide here, Discord and other places. You are not supporting “derivative work of 7 Days to Die” (AKA modding code/changing skins/etc). That is against TFP policy.

Devrix reserve the right, as a content creator, to choose whom he wish to have test his several hundred hour creations. With that said, he respect TFP and fully intend on complying with their wishes, as always before. Sorcery will never remain in a “private testing state” for more than 2-3 weeks. After this private testing window, Sorcery will release publicly in full, 100% FREE.

Non-supporters are able to obtain any “Supporter Exclusives” 100% FREE. If a non-supporter wishes to receive these benefits and do wish to support Devrix’s efforts, they may speak directly with him and they will be given a “key”. Finally, as most of you already know, he cannot continue development of Sorcery without Support. If support drops below a threshold, development halts. Sadly, he’s not rich and is only able to allot the time he can due to the generous support given by their Supporters.


Sorcery Staves + Rebalance (V0.96) Now Live!

  • Major Feature: New Staff Weapon and Mastery for each Element! (Build charges with Primary Attack while Burning, Chilling, Shocking foes. Expend Charges with Secondary Attack to release magical AoE mayhem! Staff Charges carry over to Spells.)
  • Major Feature: Sorcery Difficulty Changer Mods (instructions in #download)
  • Rebalanced: Complete balance pass of Sorcery, influenced by #roundtable-vote
  • Added: Fire Staff Weapon, Mastery, Quest and Nova Spell
  • Added: Ice Staff Weapon , Mastery, Quest and Nova Spell
  • Added: Arcane Chest + Quest (large craftable storage)
  • Added: Mending Potion (mends sprained, broken bones)
  • Added: Legendary Scroll: Energy Regen (Stamina + Spirit Regen)
  • Changed: Chance for Fallen + Wisps to spawn in Desert
  • Changed: Increased mod slots for Sorcerer Armor (+1 per tier)
  • Changed: Hot/Cold resists tied to Fire/Ice Sorcery instead of Weapon
  • Changed: Reduced Spirit Costs for Spells (5,10,20)
  • Changed: Spirit now regens while spell charging
  • Changed: Class Rune drop rate increased on Fallen
  • Changed: Elixir drop rate increased on Fallen
  • Changed: Fire Spellcast Blazing Speed doubled
  • Changed: Spell Turret Spirit Burden removed, repair costs increased
  • Changed: Scrapping + smelting Sorcery Items is drastically faster
  • Changed: Removed unusable Intro Lightning Elixir and Scroll (re-adding in v1.0 Lightning)
  • Changed: Removed Ritual Shards. Ritual Stone recipes changed.
  • Changes & Fixes: Visit the Discord #Changelog

New game is required!


  1. Download: (latest version)
  2. Unzip:
  3. Drag-n-Drop: The Sorcery folder only, found within the unzipped Sorcery-master folder, directly into your Mods folder (\7 Days To Die\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn’t already exist.
  4. Verify Mod Path: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery) + (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Deep Pockets)
  5. Deport The Undead back to Hell: You’re ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements… may your training commence!

Play With Darkness Falls

Follow the instructions below (spoiler) to play Sorcery + Darkness Falls together:

Install Darkness Falls first! (latest version)

  1. Download Darkness Falls
  2. Download Sorcery
  3. Download Compatibility Patch
  4. Unzip: AND
  5. Drag-n-Drop: The single folder (Sorcery), found within the unzipped (Sorcery-master\Mods) folder, directly into the Mods folder (\Darkness_Falls_Directory\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn’t already exist.
  6. Drag-n-Drop: The folder (SorceryCompatibilityDF) directly into the Mods folder (\Darkness_Falls_Directory\Mods) of your Darkness Falls root directory
  7. Verify Mod Path: (\Darkness_Falls_Directory\Mods\Sorcery) + (\Darkness_Falls_Directory\Mods\SorceryCompatibilityDF)
  8. Deport The Undead back to Hell: You’re ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements… may your training commence!

Sorcery+Darkness Falls Support

Do NOT bother Khaine about Sorcery+DF compatibility issues or ask for him to make changes between the two. If you’re having a problem, or want to request a feature, there are dedicated channels on the Sorcery Discord. Devrix alone update and ensure compatibility between the two.

Feedback, Ideas, Bug Reporting

Constructive feedback is welcome and encouraged. Specifically, it’s very helpful to hear from those wanting and willing to play a cheat-free normal playthrough. If you cheat everything in, you aren’t getting the experience or progression intended… nor will you properly understand the perks, skills and functions unless you learn and grow into them while playing.

Although there’s A LOT more planned for Sorcery, further ideas and suggestions are always welcome in the Sorcery Discord!

Download Sorcery
Download Darkness Falls Compatibility Patch
Also available on the mod launcher!

Enjoying Sorcery? You can support the development of Sorcery Mod using this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Devrix

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36 thoughts on “Sorcery Mod

  1. This does not work with alpha 18, if you could update the entry heading on this site that would be good. Thanks.

  2. Hi ! Just to say i love so much this mod but last time i try, it was in A17 and so much things has change now in A18. Can we use it for A18.3 ?

    1. Dude You’re out dated You should update to 19.6 and play the newest version of DF With sorcery mod You’ll have a friggin blast

    1. Check the forums Khaine ( the mod creator) has already updated it to 19.6, Just google 7 days to die Darkness falls Look at the first page you’ll see that 19.6 is already updated and Its avalible on the mod launcher

  3. It still doesn’t appear to work in A19 Stable. Still get spam “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when creating player.

    Steam version: A19.0 Stable. Game reinstalled & validated. All other mods removed. Followed installation instructions.

    1. Same here, except I get it when first trying to read the journal of fire knowledge, it doesn’t do anything except pop up that line in the console command screen. Would love to use this mod but if I can’t read the journals? Doesn’t seem worth it

  4. Great mod thats underdeveloped for A19. Other than the part where a fallen flame sorcerer shot a single fireball at my house for no reason, did atleast 50 damage to every block in the house, and hit me, bringing me from 122 health to 30 then killing me from burn damage.

  5. The changes to the fallen are really good but I do have a somewhat new complaint. I didn’t realise that when I made my world, that the sorcery file was holding the actual sorcery mod file aswell as deep pockets, so I started my world without sorcery, then installed it properly when I noticed stuff missing. I made it past the first horde, so 7 hours into my world, before I figured out that theres a quest book that you start out with that grants the spellcast and sorcery table, aswell as some other very importanto stuff. And here I was, trying to figure out how to get started with the spells and what not. So it would be nice if there was a way to easily craft the starting quest book (say with 10 paper and some essence) so that people like me who were stupid and messed up the process of installation don’t have to restart worlds.

    TL;DR Make a way to craft the starting quest book for people that didn’d have sorcery installed when they made their world.

    1. On a similar note,
      (1) I would like to add the Sorcery mod to a homemade modlets collection, but unless you start from a Sorcery install base, there appears to be no way to give yourself the starting quest book.
      (2) We started a Sorcery based world, and everyone used their starting mod book, but 2 people had their spawned quest mobs die in a big pile, so they couldn’t loot them all and didn’t get the quest chest.
      (3) 1 person had some other mobs spawn and got killed before they looted all the corpses and thus didn’t get the quest chest.
      (4) 1 person got the starting quest book and the subsequent chest, but lost the next quest book that they got from the chest.

      Conclusion: Really needs to be some way to get back into the quest chain when something goes wrong.

      1. there is a way for admins to Givequest q-xxxxxxxxxx or giveself “item” but can be a little confusing for the exact quest or item youll have to look in the mods/sorcery/config/Quests.xml or the mods/sorcery/config/items.xml when you open the sorcery folder. however the starter quest is giveself q_sorceryIntro to give item to another player simply use a chest or go into item xml and change property name=”Candrop” value=”false” to true for said item

  6. I’m having graphical issues with the mod: Instead of wonderfully clean fire graphics that I’ve seen in YT videos, I’m getting chunky violet blocks, both on the fallen and when I try to cast any spell. Not a horrible issue except that when I hold the LMB to build up power, the chunks almost completely obscure my screen. I’m on a brand new Mac with a beefy video card and have no graphical issues with anything else, so I don’t think it’s that. Any ideas what’s going on? Any recommendations that I might try on my end?

    Love the mod, thanks for creating and managing it!

  7. In really happy thats been updated ! ive just download it but that didnt work… i cant clic on the skill in the ”N” menu… Did i need to change something directly in the folders of the game ?

      1. So. after you summon a fallen sorcerer and die. you lose tracking and me as a person who always forgets where he was. this is a problem for me as i cant finish the quest now because i have no idea where the sorcerer i need to kill is

  8. Works great on our windows PCs, and even on our Linux PCs, but on the Linux PCs, all magical effects are huge pink boxes. It makes the mod functionally useless to play with. All the items, skill trees, and spells work, but the pink boxes, visually make it a nightmare.

    We have installed and restarted dozens of times and are certain it is not the game itself, the computer hardware, or the installation. Any ideas on how to fix this? Settings? Additional files?

  9. I’m excited to give this mod a try but I’ve restarted and reinstalled a few times now and every time I don’t seem to get all the items in the chest or from the gear summon scroll. I‘m randomly given just 1 to 4 of the items, generally leaving me stuck. Is there a way to craft or find the stuff I’m missing?

  10. So its definitely having some issues when running in conjunction with the Darkness Falls Mod for A19. The Game itself loads fine and most items are working except it wont let you cast any spells. it just says “You cannot use that at this time.” ive tried re downloading both mods several times.

  11. First, thank you for this unique mod! It really and something special to the gameplay.
    My feedback on this mod is based Nomad difficulty and I have to say the spells somewhat undrepowered when used by the players, but getting hit by a single sorcerer twice is a death sentence even for advanced player in a good steel armor. They also need a lot of bullet to kill.
    On an average bloodmoon we often have 3 on the go, and as soon we move our nose over the edge of the wall you can guess what happens quick….

  12. so is there something you can find that tells you how to use the spells? i have them but it just says i cannot use thme at this time is there something im doing wrong?

    1. Unfortunately, this issue is due to some mod authors still using http sourced download system. The Chrome browser blocks such downloads.

  13. Would love to use this mod but I think it is having conflicting issues with one of Lam’s mod which is the ones that add perks since the issue comes from the perk buy menu being busted.

  14. it would be nice to remove the mod name in the top right corner. We don’t have to always see the mod name all the time to remind ourselves that we have the mod on our game. Please remember to do this. Its getting really kidding to always have the name on it all the time.

  15. One thing to be careful of if you ever uninstall the mod, it will “remove” your current character, the game will spawn you at the map’s initial spawn point, your level will be reset to zero, your attributes reset to 1 and skills reset to zero. However, whatever day you’re on and all that other stuff will be the same. In other words, it would be like joining a server as a new player to that server and they are on day 100 and your stats are all still at day 0. I went ahead at that point and just deleted my save because i was already on day 75, a handful of hours away from the next horde and there was no way in hell i was going to have my stats back up where they should have been to defend my base adequately. Not that the base would have been much of a factor as all my best weapons were on my character when it was erased by the mod uninstall, so i would have had no weapons to defend the base with.

    1. We didn’t have that problem there. We installed the mods on our server and everything remained intact, you must have done a bad manipulation so that any bug on your side because here everything is super A1 ++

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