Telric’s Sleeping Mod

7 days to die telric's sleeping mod

With this, you can sleep through the nights. Build up your sleepiness throughout the day, then when you’re ready to sleep, craft a bedroll (does not work with beds) and CROUCH while ontop of it. Time will begin passing quickly. During this time you cannot use tools or weapons, but you can cancel sleeping at any time by standing or moving off of the bedroll.

Sleeping while under the bloodmoon will not trigger the time skip.

As of right now, Telric has not tested in multiplayer for a21. In a20, this mod did not work in multiplayer due to the ‘isbloodmoon’ check. If anyone is able to test and let him know if it does or does not work, he’ll change this message.

(A21 B324)


Updated for A21.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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8 thoughts on “Telric’s Sleeping Mod

  1. This mod does not work in A21 on a bedroll. I had this installed in A20 and really liked it, worked really well. Now this mod is useless as non functional file I just un-installed.

  2. Great mod. I’ve encountered an issue. When doing quests for the merchents the marker to start the quest don’t show up. I have to exit the game and come back then it shows up. It only happens with the mod installed. Either way it’s still a good mod, I just thought you would like to know.

  3. With 3600 hours in 7 Days to Die, I really loved this sleep mod… when it worked. I tried twice to get this Sleep Mod to work as it should, it wouldnt, and I’ve removed it. Please find and fix the issues as we all really lik,e this very necessary mod.

  4. I love this mod. It adds something to do when you’re waiting for something to craft or whatever. I had one suggestion and that’s to give the player scaling debuffs based on how tired they get. At 100% you’re essentially a zombie(no pun intended). Maybe Attributes slowly decrease until they hit 1 at 100% or something along those lines. Stamina regen decreases as you get more tired.

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