5 thoughts on “Generator Bank – Simple Modifications

  1. UPDATE!!! I DO RECOMMEND THE LOSS. when u add 1 engine to your ‘ deleted engines inside existing generator ‘ it upgrades to 65k gas input max and a LOT of max OUTPUT of 30K. but u still loose every existing connected wires sadly

  2. BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOST OVER 300 CONNECTIONS (electronics)
    you have to delete and REDO EVERYTHING basicly lost all of my engines inside the generator and all of the connected stuff to them. after placing a new generator the mod works. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOD AT THIS STATE!!!!!!! i lost 1 hour of progress

  3. This addon is ON the current server i’m playing, admin doesn’t know so i have to ask here. Is it intentional that battery bank doesnt work correctly ? when i connect generator > bat. bank> sensor>device
    Then device wont work, it just start doing “clicking” sound.
    But if you turn generator off device will work, once you run the generator it will stop working. So i had to redo my setup and take out of whole system battery bank, i mean it is kinda obsolete with 65k gas tank but still…took me same time before i found out what is causing the problem coz rest of devices like turrets and light worked. seems its a problem just with the motion sensors

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