Alchemy Mod (Potions and Buffs)

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This is Poly’s first mod which she began developing in A19.

The original idea was to create a super simple mod in order to learn about modding, with the very first version being a new item consumable which gave the player a temporary buff, but as she began learning about Unity and XML she kept adding more and more until eventually she is at the point where she want to share it with the community.

The mod adds potions to the game, which when consumed give the player a temporary buff.

Potions, Elixirs and Brews are separated into four categories: Tier 1, 2, 3 and Special.

Tier 1, 2 and 3 recipes can be found or unlocked via the the skill tree.

Special recipes can only be unlocked via finding a recipe in the world.


Agility Potion 1

  • Jump Strength: 150%
  • Agility: +1
  • Duration: 1m

Speed Potion 1

  • Crouch Speed: +10%
  • Walk Speed: +10%
  • Run Speed: +10%
  • Duration: 1m

Health Potion 1

  • Health: +20
  • Duration: 1s


Agility Potion 2

  • Jump Strength: 200%
  • Agility: +2
  • Duration: 1m 30s

Speed Potion 2

  • Crouch Speed: +30%
  • Walk Speed: +30%
  • Run Speed: +30%
  • Duration: 1m

Health Potion 2

  • Health: +40
  • Duration: 1s

Strength Potion

  • Carrying Capacity: +50
  • Strength: +3
  • Duration: 3m

Potion of Luck

  • Loot Bonus: +50
  • Dig Radius Reduction: -5
  • Duration: 10m

Elixir of Charisma

  • Bartering: +15%
  • Duration: 10m


Agility Potion 3

  • Jump Strength: 250%
  • Agility: +3
  • Duration: 2m

Speed Potion 3

  • Crouch Speed: +50%
  • Walk Speed: +50%
  • Run Speed: +50%
  • Duration: 1m

Health Potion 3

  • Health: +60
  • Duration: 1s

Elixir of Knowledge

  • XP Gain: +100%
  • Duration: 4m

Huntman’s Brew

  • Crouch Speed: +100%
  • Sneak Damage: +600%
  • Duration: 20m

Miner’s Brew

  • Mining Harvest: +500%
  • Duration: 1m

Potion of Titans

  • Max Health: +50
  • Duration: 5m

Elixir of Energy

  • Max Stamina: +50
  • Duration: 5m


Elixir of Life

  • Invulnerability
  • Duration: 1m

Elixir of the Living Dead

  • Invisibility
  • Duration: 2m

In order to craft the potions you need to put points into Intelligence >The Alchemist, or find the relevant schematics/recipes.

All items are crafted at the Alchemy Station.

Searching “_AM” in the Creative Menu brings up all new items added by the mod.

Alchemy Station

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 1

Potion Bottle Model

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 2

Perk Tree

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 3

Rare Secret Stash Schematics

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 4

Captured Zombies are discoverable with level 1 Animal Tracker

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 5

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 9

Prospector’s Forge

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 6

Block Upgrades

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 7

7 days to die alchemy mod (potions and buffs) additional screenshot 8



  • NEW SPECIAL POTION: Elixir of the Living Dead: temporary invisibility
  • NEW TIER 3 POTION: Potion of Titans: increase max health by 50 for 5 mins
  • NEW TIER 3 POTION: Elixir of Energy: increase max stamina by 50 for 5 mins
  • Multivitamins effect reduced from 12 mins to 3 mins
  • Special Potions can now only be crafted once a recipe is found, they can no longer be unlocked via the Alchemy Perk
  • Special Potions can be sold individually to traders as well as in bundles (potion racks)
  • Lowered the probability of finding Elixir of Charisma in vending machines from 100% to 25%
  • Recipe for Huntman’s Brew altered slightly to better reflect low Stag spawns
  • Tweaked loot table to allow potions and potion recipes to drop in yellow, blue and red loot bags according to value
  • All Special Potions now appear with gold text to distinguish them as valuable


  • Changed potion stack size from 1 to 6
  • Changed potion rack stack size from 5 to 125
  • Added AlchemistMaxDoubleHarvest tag – when a player maxes out the Alchemist perk they will get double harvest of animal by-product items: Vulture Feathers, Stag Antlers, Snake Venom, Lion Teeth

v1.3.2 (Patch)

  • Fixed a problem in recipes.xml, where Potion Racks were still requiring 12 potions to craft (changed to 6)
  • Changed Potion Rack ItemTypeIcon to bundle

v1.3.1 (Patch)

Fixed a problem with Dumpster causing errors

v1.3 – Metallurgy and Zombie Trap Update


  • 10 new ores added: Aluminium, Manganese, Chromium, Copper, Zinc, Titanium, Nickel, Zircon, Magnesium, Tin – each new ore has at least 1 use
  • Steel Bullion, Stainless Steel, Zirconium Steel added
  • Blocks made from Forged Steel can now be upgraded to Stainless Steel (15k HP)
  • Blocks made from Stainless Steel can be upgraded to Zirconium Steel (20k HP)
  • Silver Dust added – same as Gold Dust, but for basic potions
  • Multivitamins added – made from Zinc and Magnesium, taken as a tablet, gives player temporary health and stamina buff
  • Bear Bait added – craftable bait made from Bear Flesh and Psilocybin Extract
  • Psilocybin Extract added – derived from Mushrooms, used in bait, or ingested by the player
  • Medical Syringe variant added – take blood from captured zombies. Zombie must be targeted by player, ie by punching it
  • Copper Cup added – used to craft Miner’s Brew and Huntsman’s Brew


Prospector’s Forge – a new type of Forge with 11 smeltable ore slots


  • Zombie trap added – Allows players to capture zombies using bait, with the intention of taking blood from them (for use in potion making)
  • 3 captured zombie variants added with varying levels of health (more health = more blood)


  • Minor description changes
  • Minor recipe ingredient edits to scale difficulty
  • Restructured the potion values, in line with a 4-tier system
  • Decreased potion rack sizes from 12 to 6
  • Made dumpsters craftable with Alchemy perks, unlocked alongside the Zombie Trap Schematic
  • Removed ragdoll effect from Elixir of Life – this was a bug whereby you could retain the potion while consuming and jumping simultaneously
  • Removed Mineral Rock

v1.2 (Patch)

  • Decreased the amount of vulture feathers obtained through harvesting from 30 to 4 (12 from Radiated Vultures)
  • Added chance to get Wolf Fangs from Dire Wolf as well as regular wolf
  • Made Chalice smeltable in the Forge as Brass
  • Lowered the probability to mine Unknown Gem

v1.1 (Patch)

  • Edited progression.xml for mod compatibility
  • Fixed bug with Huntsman’s Brew whereby crouch speed didn’t change
  • Fixed bug with Syringe recipe at forge


  • 10 new consumable variants
  • 1 new equipable tool: Rock Hammer
  • 1 new workstation: Alchemy Station
  • 2 new rare ores/minerals found through mining: Uranium, Unknown Gem
  • 8 new harvestable resources: Rabbit Flesh, Bear Flesh, Infected Flesh, Venom, Vulture Feather, Wolf Fang, Lion Tooth, Stag Antlers
  • 8 new misc items: Chalice, Mineralizer, Syringe, Antidote, Infected Blood, Gold Dust, Empty Bottle, Bottle Rack


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Poly

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5 thoughts on “Alchemy Mod (Potions and Buffs)

  1. Hi 🙂

    This is spectacular! I’m looking forward to trying it out when I’m done with my current run-through. I’m hesitant to add it mid-game as I’ve got Sorcery going, which also has potions and alchemy.

    Do you happen to know, is your mod compatible with Sorcery? If not, is that something you might look into in the future?

    Thank you for your imagination and hard work!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for trying out the mod.

      I don’t have the Sorcery mod installed but all the new names use a unique suffix, so there should be no conflict with other mods.

  2. Unfortunately we added this to our server and some of the potions showed up on the traders but when utilizing the alchemy workstation there was no output slot and would create res errors when trying to use it. When removed it turned anything related to the mod into cars some of which were super high lvl ones that are members got dozens of while I appreciate the work I’d say this one needs some more testing.

  3. are the ores currently found like iron and others or are they only through say supply drops if it spawns like other ores are there any conflicts with world gen mods?

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