Ghillie Suit Mod

7 days to die ghillie suit mod, 7 days to die clothing, 7 days to die dye mod

Turns the Ghillie Suit into a cosmetic mod, similar to the Cowboy/Ballcap mods.

This cool armor doesn’t seem to be utilized because of the huge amount of hypo/hyperthermal resist that you have to give up in Jacket/Pant slots and huge Armor loss for the headpiece. By the time you find all the Sniper books, you’re too far in gamestage to give that up. Now, you can install it as a mod, and rock that yeti look.

This mod adds a “jacket” tag to all existing jackets, but won’t work with modded jackets unless they extend existing ones.


Fixed display on hood.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stample

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2 thoughts on “Ghillie Suit Mod

  1. I am writing this comment on 5/9/21

    The Dye on the head piece works, however the dye on the chest and legs is always green.
    There have been no updates as of yet and Venustas’ comment is still accurate.

  2. As of 12/1/20; this mod “works.”

    The helmet is the only slot this works properly. When the pants are modded, everything seems great except the dye color doesn’t work; I didn’t check to see if there was clipping, but the military pads had no problems.

    The biggest problem is the jacket. The mod does indeed replace the graphic properly, but again, the dye colors don’t work, and additionally, the chest armor you have equipped with clip through the ghillie. It’s strange, because when you wear the ghillie suit normally (no mod), it doesn’t have these issues, you can dye and it properly restricts graphic protusions. I’m not quite sure why this is an issue?

    Awesome work though, really hoping to get a dedicated server with my buddies online soon and this will definitely be of the 10-limit mods we use; assuming the dyes and graphic protrusions can be fixed.

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