17 thoughts on “Service Lift by HammerJade 0.6

  1. Where did you get this asset? I have been looking for something like this and have not been able to find one. Are you still maintaining this mod?

  2. Nice work man me and my friend realy like this but can you make it bigger? I wish to create way for helicopter too thank you

    1. I can do this and make it powered if the author gives me permission to use the asset… But there does not seem to be a way to contact him.

  3. Would love to see a powered version of this, especially if it also came with adjustable up/down speed settings.

  4. I like this lift but the only problem I have is you have to be in the car or it will just float or when going up it will just go through the car, I put the lift like 12 blocks in the ground.

  5. Was wondering if there was a chance to get a slightly larger one to move Helicopters as well. Would be awesome if we could move those up and down or if we could adjust the height of the track. Not sure if it is within your skill set but it would be awesome 😀

  6. slt deja bravo pour cette elevateur qui est vraiment tres sympa et le fait d avoir une trappe qui se referme est juste magique mais j aurais une demande dans la mesure du possible car je trouve dommage que ses dimensions soit en 6×6 etant donner que toute les porte du jeu sont en impair alors te serait-il possible d en faire une version en 5×6 merci d avance et encore gg pour ce magnifique travail .

  7. Hey Hammer, is there any way I can tweak this so they’re only 5 high? We’re trying to use them in one of the fire stations on a new playthrough, but I can’t figure out how to change the height of the thing for the life of me. I’ve tried cracking into the unity3d file to get at the assets, tried scaling down the Frame obj with blender, but I see now that wrecks all the asset data that probably links it to the rest of the models…gotta say I got my hopes up when I saw a multiblock parameter in the block XML, but changing that didn’t do a damn thing as far as I could tell… and now 12 hours later the birds are chirping, the grass is wet, and I still can’t get this to work and now that I’ve got some indy dev level tools I’m confused as hell

  8. Love this mod! Is there a way to increase the speed of the action so the entire action takes less time to raise and lower the elevator?

  9. Brutaaaaaaaaaaaaal goooooooooooooooood !!!

    Only bad about it is the fact i cannot put it on server, because all players have to dovnload it before play…but ok, i use it offline :)))

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