5 thoughts on “Horns for Vehicles

  1. @Pes: I’m maintaining this mod from another modder, but I believe its purpose is just for entertainment. usually when I play on servers where mods like this are loaded, packs of people go around honking their horns. I don’t know if it attracts zombies, but I bet the “noise” of them doesn’t reflect how loud the sound is to zombies, IF they are attracted to the vehicle horns. I’ll put a note on github to update the documentation when I do updates/testing when a20 comes out.

    @BabyGravy; I just tested on a19.5 b60 and it appears to work. Getting on the vehicle and pressing ‘x’ sounds teh unique horn for that vehicle

  2. Great mod, thank you for it!

    For people who ask if it attracts zombies:
    Yes. It’s about as effective for attraction as shooting a pistol without a silencer. I believe that’s how it’s already in the original “rubber chicken” comedy horns, but don’t quote me on that.

    The real reason for it is to have variation in the horn sounds, so they don’t all sound the same, independant of the vehicle in question. So “cosmetics”.

  3. The reason for this mod is quite simple. The vanilla horn is the same for every vehicle and not satisfying when you’re driving by your friends 🙂

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