Steel Spike Traps

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Adds Steel Spike traps to the game.

  • 2x the damage (66, up from 33) to you and zombies, try not to fall into these.
  • 4x the durability (528, up from 132)
  • Red, so you can see it, and hopefully not fall into it.

Server-Side only Mod. No need to install on client unless client is host.


Updated Description and in-game name.


Credits: iSneakyPewPew

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7 thoughts on “Steel Spike Traps

  1. Keep getting bunch of red errors in console; mod works but still get 4 lines of errors while loading about 4 entries overriding each other

    1. I’ve tried replicating the issue, but cannot. Are you able to screen shot, or give an exact error code?

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