Recipes for Gun Parts

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Hi to all. Here I bring you a mod that allows you to craft any gun parts that you need. But be aware I haven’t made it that easy. You will have to craft a Templates first on the forge that needs a crucible… so I made it possible to craft gun parts but not that easy to do in the beginning of a new game.

7 days to die recipes for gun parts additional screenshot 1

7 days to die recipes for gun parts additional screenshot 2

I am planning to add a second mod in the future that adds schematics to the Templates so you can choose which one to download.


Credits: FEAR Gaming

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3 thoughts on “Recipes for Gun Parts

  1. мод хороший , также нормально работает и в одиночной – соло игре.
    замудрение с шаблонами в кузнице НОРМ,
    можна дополнить этот мод ,чтоби также можна было изгатавтивать :
    (части стальной брони, части армейской брони и части бензоинструмента)
    Спасибо авторору мода.

  2. Yes it needs to be installed on both server and client side because of the custom item images I forgot to add this description in

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