21 thoughts on “Indestructible Blocks

  1. Best way to remove these:
    – get the “Dev: Admin Block Replacement Tool” (looks like a pipe wrench)
    -> press Tab, click Creative mode icon (lightbulb), on left click Dev Block On icon, type “dev” in the text search box

    – equip the “Dev Admin Block Replacement Tool”
    – copy any block (point at anything, left click)
    – replace chromium block (point at block to be removed, right click)
    – you can now delete the block

  2. The best way I figured out how to get rid of an invulnerable block is use a hammer/nailgun to upgrade it with either steel or the invulnerable steel ingots and it will become a vanilla steel block. Then you can break that block easily.

  3. Mod have now moved into the save folder, not where they are kept now.

    I used used windows explorer and searched for %appdata% and the folder appeared

    The file location should go something like %appdata%/7daystodie/mods 🙂

  4. WAR3ZUK – Many thanks for this mod, I have used it on previous versions of the game and its amazing, IF you are reading this I wonder if you would like to earn a little ££s on developing me a tool that can actually destroy these indestructible block but also updating this to work on A20 please? If you can reply to this or email me via the site we can go from there, thanks.

  5. There is a wrench that comes with it called the Chromium wrench. In the “U” window for me it wasn’t visible but if you hover over the blocks following the last visible item you should find it. It slowly breaks the blocks but can take a long time since it is 10000 HP.

  6. The author, in my opinion, absolutely respects anyone!
    Lots of questions = HOW TO DESTROY THE BLOCK! And here and on the forum!
    Complete silence, no answers!

  7. what do u need to use to destroy the blocks? it seems like only flametrower is the only one effective. but takes so much time to do so. cant destroy it either with gm hammer/gm guns and other tools.

    1. the only way i was able to destroy the block is by taking the ground out from under them. did manage to glitch one though where even that will not bring it down

  8. went threw creative menu no cromuim blocks
    does this work with 19.3 stable no error messages when loading into server

  9. Bonjour, j’ai installé ce mod qui est génial à part que si on se plante ben notre construction est foutue et de plus il est impossible pour moi de mettre le bloc de revendication en mettant ces blocs. J’ai vérifié avec les blocs normaux aucun soucis, c’est vraiment domage

  10. yo ya utilice la lleve roja y ni aun asi he podido destruirlos, si no hay solucion en un gran error por parte de su creador

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