2 thoughts on “Healing Bedroll

  1. War3zuk, mod no longer loads correctly. “progression.xml” failed.

    Here’s the fix:
    Goto *steamapps > common > 7 Days To Die > Mods > War3zuk Healing Bedroll > config > progression.xml
    -change ‘perkYeahScience!’ to ‘perkPhysician’
    -change [@level=’1,5′] to [@level=’1,4′]
    -change Advanced First Aid Kit to medicalFirstAidBandage

    Thanks and you’re welcome

  2. The healing factor is a little too high/fast. is there a way to tune it down>?
    I looked through the Line Code but got lost. there’s too many to determine which will slow it down. I like the idea But I feel like I’m cheating too much.

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