Old West Migration

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Old West Migration is a small mod that provides the following:

  • Increases the size of the Old West tiling system by using higher min/max tile values in the RWG creation stage.
  • Increases the amount of Old West settlements being created in a RWG.
  • Adds a gateway and Trader to the Old West tiling system. One custom trader can appear directly inside the town.
  • Adds custom Old West POIs that can be quested and are in context with the Old West theme.
  • Converts remnant and decorative default POIs to quest POIs.
  • Adds custom tiles to expand the current TFP selection.
  • Adds decoration POIs to the desert and forest biomes in context with the Old West theme.

Here is a video to demonstrate from Flat Lander.

Here are a few images to demonstrate.

The length of each straight is quite long but game play is smooth since these POIs do not require heavy rendering.

Bubbles is a T3 custom POI. It has been repurposed and rerouted from a default POI. Downstairs is an innocent ‘soda fountain’ establishment while upstairs offers something stronger.

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 2

This is 3 POIs connected as a T3. We have ‘Crapper’, ‘Trapper’, and ‘Dapper’ for hygiene, hunting, and attire. ^^

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 3

Gold Rush offers a T2 quest.

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 4

Gee Gee is a T1 stable.

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 5

This image shows how the Old West generally expands with an intersection with two buildings at each end to cap them off.

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 6

1. Old West enlargement. ^^

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 10

In addition, there are a variety of Decoration POIs that will spawn randomly and at a regulated amount in the Biomes. Here are a few examples.

7 days to die old west migration additional screenshot 9

The custom POIs have some of the ‘key’ triggers to unlock doors. These rarely work unless the Client also installs the POIs. While this is a Server Side Only mod, this issue with the ‘key’ triggers may be noticed if it’s used on a dedicated server. This has been reported as a potential bug.

The whole mod (A21-OldWestMigration) can be placed in the ‘Mods’ folder. 7 Days will be able to read and use the Prefabs from directly within the mod.

Ensure that the mod is not nested with other folders. The hierarchy will be ‘Mods / A21-OldWestMigration / Config, Prefabs, ModInfo.xml, and Old West Migration Tiling.txt’

If it is something like Mods / A21-OldWestMigration-main / A21-OldWestMigration… it will not load as the ModInfo.xml file must be where the game can see it. ^^

Terms of Use

  • Please ask for permission before using this Mod in an Overhaul or Modpack. This ensure there is only one ‘official’ release and reduces the possibility of outdated clones being in the community.
  • Please do not add this Mod to a Prefab/POI pack.
  • This Mod can be distributed within a closed community. Please do not upload it to an alternative location which is publicly accessible.


Here is an update for the Old West Migration Mod:

1. Adding ‘Homegrown Hydroponics’

This is a T2 POI hooked up for all quest types. This brings a much needed electronics source to the Old West.

7 days to die old west migration changelog screenshot

2. Updating Trader Bob

Trader Bob has received the ‘new’ Trader Flag in place of the Whiteriver Flag. There are a few other small updates in the trader compound such as double doors, and deco.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: arramus

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5 thoughts on “Old West Migration

  1. If friends are joining me do they also need to have this mod installed or is it host only that needs to have it installed?

  2. I love this mod in A20. I already started a game before you updated the mod for A21… Next game will definately have it. Thanks for all your work on this game. You modders keep the game way more fresh than the Devs do, keep up the great work!

    1. In the Mods folder.

      Location Choice 1: AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Mods
      Location Choice 2: steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods

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