Jeos Weapon/Armor/Tool Modifications Extender

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Extends maximum available mods for items and armors from 4 to 6, 1 for each item level.

Should work for future releases. Made it since I could not find a simple mod just for this.

It’s a patch, so it should be compatible with most mods that do not modify mod count.

I did not know how to increase UI size for more mods to be visible (if files get modified to increase beyond 6, you can put mods with shift+click, but you can’t see them or take them back from the item).


Credits: Jeo

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4 thoughts on “Jeos Weapon/Armor/Tool Modifications Extender

  1. To install it you need to put it inside the mods folder in the game directory ( if it does not exist, create it ) and as noted, as long as you don’t have other game mods that modify modslots or items completely, it should work, I tested with my friends and it worked on vanilla + minimum amount of mods.

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