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Introducing a Claim Auto Repair Block to ease the chore to clean up after horde night.

Do you also hate to have to look around your base after every horde night to repair what has been broken by the Zeds? Don’t worry anymore, here comes the Claim Auto Repair Mod.

The Block is based on a storage chest, as you need to put the necessary repair materials into it.

It will randomly check blocks in its perimeter if they need repair and if the required materials are in storage. If both requirements are met, the block will start to be repaired. This will take some time and the repair sound will be played while repair is undergoing. If the block is damaged during that process, the whole repair will be aborted. Also only blocks that are within a claim you belong to (e.g. can pickup items) are repaired.

So far the UI is really just the standard storage chest, and no further information about which block is being repaired etc. is displayed. Only some sounds will play according to what is happening. For ocbMaurice that is probably enough, although he doesn’t know if the sounds might be too annoying after some time. Feel free to open a pull request on GitHub if you have any improvements in that direction.

Also multiplayer hasn’t really been tested yet, but should work ™.


  • Added on/off toggle
  • Added delayed pick-up
  • Fixed block claim restriction

Note that this change breaks save files with older version of this block in it since we now also persist if the tile is turned on or off.

He has developed and tested this mod against version a19.6b8.

This is a DMT mod. So requires DMT Modding Tool.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ocbMaurice

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