7 days to die steel, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Lots of useless steel parts not worth selling? Then just use them to get some steel for something more useful.

What This Mod Does

  • New category in Forge “Steel”
  • Parts can be recrafted info Steelscrap/Ironscrap (depends on type)
    • Steelscrap can be melted in forge
  • Iron and Steel arrows can be recrafted into arrowheads
  • Parts craftable in forge (separated version)
  • Crafrable Beaker

7 days to die steel additional screenshot 1

7 days to die steel additional screenshot 2

Download Crafftable Parts
Download Parts Not Craftable

Credits: CronosusCZ

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2 thoughts on “Steel

    1. unfortunately not tested, but as its config-only mod, it may work as server-side mod
      you can let me know if it works as server-sided

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