Slickster43’s Modified RWG 4K Map

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Navezgane is great, but it gets boring after a while. Random World Generator (RWG) maps are hit or miss, but are often miss with too little of certain biomes, too few of the high-quality buildings, and towns located too heavily or sparsely in each biome.

Slickster43 took a vanilla RWG 4K map (KeyedDops) and modified the list of POIs and Spawn Points. The map now contains 10 traders, including one in every town or city, and at least one of every high-value POI (stores, skyscrapers, army camps, etc). There are towns in every biome type. This map is being used on servers, such as the Dire Moon Gaming private server.

To add this to your game:

  1. Open a new File Manager window and type %appdata%
  2. Double-click the 7 Days to Die folder
  3. Double-click the GeneratedWorlds folder
    If you do not have this folder, right-click, select New –> Folder and title it GeneratedWorlds
  4. Download the below .zip file for the map
  5. In your Downloads folder, select the file, right-click it, select Extract All into the above Generated Worlds folder
  6. Launch 7 Days to Die
  7. After choosing New Game, cycle the Game World to East Tauwi County and finish setting up your game.
  8. Enjoy!


Credits: Slickster43 Gaming, dcsobral simulated maps

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