Logical Iron Mining

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Some changes were made to alpha 18.1 for iron workflow. But the previous workflow for iron was perfectly logical and balanced:

Mine raw iron ore -> smelt in forge -> process into forged iron bars or scrap iron as needed.

As an aside, scrap iron is already incredibly abundant in the game.

So, DiscipleOfBryan quickly got acquainted with xpath and slapped together this mod which intends to maintain the above logical workflow in the event that the resourceIronFragment item is completely removed from the game.

Completed Features:
*Reverts terrIronOre block behavior to give resourceIronFragment on Harvest.
*Reverts oreIronBoulder block behavior to give resourceIronFragment on Harvest.

To Do:
*Reproduce resourceIronFragment item as is/was, in the event that it is removed from the game and pending further study of xpath.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: DiscipleOfBryan

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