GK No Rage Zombies

7dtd gk no rage zombies, 7 days to die zombies

This 7 Days to Die mod adds the possibility that walking zombies do not get the benefit of buffrage, feral and irradiated remain the same, run on the day, night and blood moon.

Gouki have added entitygroups and gamestage, so that the group that does spawning on the blood moon is ZombieBadassGroup, the blood moon will start quietly and then feral, irradiated zombies and the wrecker will come out from day 7, but you like how the moon is Blood deletes the entitygroups and gamestage files.

The mod works with Alpha 18.3 stable and Alpha 18.4 b3 exp.

Important Note: Before installing any mod, make a backup of your saved game, to avoid errors or character reset, you are warned.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gouki

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