Salvaged Electronics

7 days to die salvaged electronics, 7 days to die electricity, 7 days to die lights, 7 days to die building materials

Here is a 7DTD modlet pack ShoudenKalferas has been working on. This is a heavy Work in Progress (WIP), so please be kind with any problem reports.

It kept annoying him that he would pass a military base with a generator (destroyed) and be unable to wrench on it and have at least a chance at recovering a working unit. The same with solar panels. Just because the world went to crap and everyone turned to zombies doesn’t mean all the electronics of the world stop functioning. So he is working through a modlet pack that will allow the players to wrench at any electronics (solar, generator, battery, signs, lights, and misc parts), and at least have a chance at obtaining a usable item that they can place in their own base.

Tested as Working

  • Battery Bank
  • Generator
  • Solar Bank
  • Lights
  • Parts


  • Signs

He has split this into multiple modlets to make it easy for you to enable/disable any specific category of items:

  • Salvaged Electronics – Battery Bank (tested)
  • Salvaged Electronics – Generator (tested)
  • Salvaged Electronics – Lights (untested, use at own risk)
  • Salvaged Electronics – Parts (untested, use at own risk)
  • Salvaged Electronics – Signs (untested, use at own risk)
  • Salvaged Electronics – Solar (tested)

Updated to 1.1 version.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ShoudenKalferas

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