Manual Fix Crashed Worlds

7 days to die manual fix crashed worlds, 7 days to die zombies, 7 days to die experience, 7 days to die skill points

With this mod you can manually set your skillpoints, death, zombiekills, expierence and level.

The following console command are added by this mod:

  • setlevel [level]
  • setskillpoints [skillpoints]
  • setexp [experience]
  • setdeaths [no. of deaths]
  • setzombiekills [no. of zombiekills]

Use With Care!

I created this mod for setting up my player level, deaths, skillpoints, etc. after I’ve lost my singleplayer world because of a crash. I recovered my lost items, books, etc. via creative menu (cm).


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Dannoe

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