RangerMod – Arrows, Bow Mods, a Spear That Stabs

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For the initial release, this relatively small mod features (TL;DR):

  • Five new arrows (one utility, four utility/offense)
  • Two new bows (they’re different from vanilla bows; recycled visual assets from vanilla)
  • Useful item descriptions (read them!)
  • Three new mods (two for bows, one for chest armor)
  • Schematics for everything (one item unlocks only via perk)
  • Bundles (bulk crafting) for the included arrows (also unlocked via perks)
  • A spear you can’t throw (stabby spear!)
  • Fun

If you’re looking for a realistic mod, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a fun mod that gives archery a little zip, then bingo. These items (arrows, more specifically) are fairly powerful. Because of that, they can only be crafted, and they’re somewhat expensive to make. The bows also add new tactical options for players, allowing one to further refine the path they want to take as a wasteland ranger.

Important note: All this stuff (spear aside) is for bows; one of the mods can be installed on the crossbow, that’s all. This is arrows, not bolts.

Kic has not tested this with multiplayer. It should work on a server. Install it on the server and clients, but note that it’s not balanced with multiplayer in mind. Also, the arrows more or less won’t do anything against players, at least, he doesn’t think they will.

NOTE: This mod is for Alpha 20. It has not been tested on previous versions so he has no idea what it’ll break, if anything. Use at your own risk on previous versions.

If you want more info, there’s an obnoxiously long readme file in the zip and viewable on the GitHub that explains pretty much everything.

NOTE part 2, the notening: If you’re already using mods that add arrows and include them on the radial menu, you’re probably going to run into issues. RangerMod makes it so you have 10 arrows on the radial menu–11 is the maximum allowed before the game barfs and your bow stops working. He doesn’t have a fix for this nor an ETA if he can even fix it (he has failed miserably thus far), so you have to decide which mod(s) you want to use. Additionally, some mods change the way bows/arrows are setup in the game, meaning that you’re going to end up with conflicts. Basically, use other archery mods at your own risk. Even if the combination of mods does technically work, some mods modify vanilla game items, meaning that you’re getting a weird combination of things that was never planned nor accounted for.

Terrible (brief) video of some stuff the mod adds here:


Updated to version .2 Bug fixes and new bows added.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Kic

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3 thoughts on “RangerMod – Arrows, Bow Mods, a Spear That Stabs

  1. To the mod author,

    This mod doesn’t work for me. When I try to load the arrows in the compound bow I get an error.

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