Sam’s Storage Stuff

7 days to die sam's storage stuff, 7 days to die storage

A bunch of lockable furniture to make a base a little more like home. Bookcases, pillcases, cupboards, fridges and desks all now store a full “Storage Crate” worth of loot, and can be locked and coded.

For the Fridges and Desks, if you damage the container to unlock it it will appear opened. Saminal has plans to add more storage options once he has finished the rest of his A20 compatibility blitz.

7 days to die sam's storage stuff additional screenshot 1

7 days to die sam's storage stuff additional screenshot 2



  • Lockers (three varieties)
  • Cupboards – using a block variant helper (shape menu) so you can craft 10 of one item and then figure out what looks good. Old and new style both in the one block, including sinks!
  • Gun and Armor racks
  • Metal desk

No issues adding this to an existing game.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Saminal

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3 thoughts on “Sam’s Storage Stuff

  1. Sam,I wanted to ask you to make more storages, but I didn’t bother you and did it myself. And you also updated the mod….resentment(.

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