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Dead simple modlet that increased the number of mod slots of an item to match the item level. Level 5 shotgun? 5 mod slots. That kind of thing.

NOTE! This only affects NEWLY ACQUIRED items. Find a new shotgun? It will have a right number of mod slots. Have one in a box? It will have the OLD number of mod slots. Buy one from a trader before a re-stock? Old number.

As long as you find, or craft a new item after installing this mod it will have the increased number of slots. If you start a new game with the mod installed then of course you won’t have to worry about it because every item will be created after the mod was active.


Credits: ModMangler and all of the brave modders before me. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “MM-MoreModSlots

  1. Heya MM. Is there a possible update for this in A21? Appreciate how much work you modders do for all of us. You keep the games fresh and interesting when they start to get stale. Keep up the great work. I used this in A20 and it works great! I miss this mod.

  2. I don’t understand the question.

    I will use this opportunity, though, to say that I just uploaded an update of this mod. I realized after using it for a while that it caused a glitch with clothing. It caused clothing to *lose* its one mod slot. I changed the mod to only affect tools, weapons, and armour, and that has fixed that issue. If you download the mod again it will be the new version.

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