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Dead simple modlet that increased the number of mod slots of an item to match the item level. Level 5 shotgun? 5 mod slots. That kind of thing.

NOTE! This only affects NEWLY ACQUIRED items. Find a new shotgun? It will have a right number of mod slots. Have one in a box? It will have the OLD number of mod slots. Buy one from a trader before a re-stock? Old number.

As long as you find, or craft a new item after installing this mod it will have the increased number of slots. If you start a new game with the mod installed then of course you won’t have to worry about it because every item will be created after the mod was active.


Credits: ModMangler and all of the brave modders before me. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “MM-MoreModSlots

  1. I don’t understand the question.

    I will use this opportunity, though, to say that I just uploaded an update of this mod. I realized after using it for a while that it caused a glitch with clothing. It caused clothing to *lose* its one mod slot. I changed the mod to only affect tools, weapons, and armour, and that has fixed that issue. If you download the mod again it will be the new version.

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