More Craftable and Working Lights

7 days to die more craftable and working lights, 7 days to die lights, 7 days to die electricity, 7 days to die building materials

Updated it for you to work with Alpha 20 and made it even better. Most lamps and new lights from Alpha 20 are already there 🙂 Feel free to try it out and please report any bug you will find.

This is a server side mod. There is no need to install it in the game.

7 days to die more craftable and working lights additional screenshot

What Can Be Expected for 1.5

  • Adjusted Power Consumption
  • Rest of the lights from Alpha 20
  • And any fix for a glitch etc you will find

Changed With 1.4.1

Fixed Progression XML (now contains a comma, does no longer ruin cement mixer)

Changed With 1.4

  • All items were renamed. They now start with modlight (Just search for them under receipes with modlight first)
  • Added already some of the new lights from Alpha 20 (Store light, recessed ceiling light)
  • Added working streetlights (inc the new ones from A20)
  • All new receipes to match the items crafted
  • Added Beamer (it cant display anything yet, but creates a lot of light)

Changed 1.3.1

Bugfixes for 1.3

Changed With 1.3

  • Updated to work with A19.5
  • Modified some lamps light behaviour
  • Modified lamps to drop brass if they contain brass

Changed With 1.2

  • Updated the mod to work with A18
  • Fixed Script collissions

Added With 1.1

  • Desk Lamp (Blockname: deskLampLight_Player)
  • Table Lamp (Blockname: tableLampLight_Player)
  • Work Light (Blockname: workLightPOI_Player)
  • Ceiling Fan Light (Blockname: ceilingFanLight_Player)
  • Exit Sign (Blockname: signExitLight_Player)
  • Red Industrial Light (Blockname: industrialLight02Red_Player)

Content 1.0

  • Industrial Light 01 (Blockname: industialLight01_player)
  • Industrial Light 02 (Blockname: industrialLight02_player)
  • Porch Light (Blockname: porchLight04_player)
  • Porch Light Brass (Blockname: porchLight04Brass_player)
  • Old Outdoor Light (Blockname: porchLight01_player)
  • Ceiling Light 05 Brass (Blockname: ceilingLight05Brass_player)
  • Ceiling Light 05 (Blockname: ceilingLight05_player)
  • Ceiling Light 044 (Blockname: ceilingLight04_player)
  • Ceiling Light 02 Brass (Blockname: ceilingLight02Brass_player) (Silver Dome Light)
  • Ceiling Light 02 (Blockname: ceilingLight02_player)
  • Ceiling Light 07 (Blockname: ceilingLight07_player) (Fluorescent Light)
  • Table Lamp (Blockname: endTableLampPlayer) (Lamp has its own table)

Download 1.4.1 A20 Version
Download 1.3.1 A19 Version

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: BastiAKA, JaxTeller718

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8 thoughts on “More Craftable and Working Lights

  1. I really enjoy this mod. but there are certain lights when wired up the wires dont attach directly to the light. the end of the wire is away from it and isnt not visibly pleasing.

  2. The model for the end table lamp is outdated from older versions and its not the correct a20 model. would be amazing to get that fixed if possible 🙂

  3. Installed the updated fix for this mod and now players on my server are unable to craft the Cement mixer even though they have the skills and read the schematics. For the love of this game…. test out your mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The following folders are empty and contain no files, ItemIcons and Resources. Are these supposed to be in with the mod? or should they be removed???? The lights are not showing up as craft-able.

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