Mining Mod With Copper, Zinc & Excavators

7 days to die mining mod with copper zinc and excavators, 7 days to die mining

You’ve seen it before: copper and zinc together to make brass! What MeanCloud has done here is extended support for ore-laden sub-biomes by adding copper and zinc metal boulders and vein generation to the random world generator. You can smelt these materials together to make brass directly in the forge. Additionally, he added automated mining excavators (inspiration and permission from stallionsden’s mod) that will automatically produce a variety of raw ores, stones, and even asphalt, gravel, bones, soil, and glass. But the cost to make them is steep.

After retrieving raw ores, you can use the new rock crusher machine to crush them up for you into usable resources. Finally, lots of effort has been made to add copper and zinc as salvageable metals throughout the game from appliances to metal piping as well as automotive pieces and chain-link fences. This mod gives you plenty of options for finding new ways to get brass for all your munitions needs, not to mention all the other ores at a reasonable pace.

Using This Mod

To get started mining, MeanCloud highly recommend you create a new random world. If you try to install this mod in an existing game, the new copper and zinc ores and veins will not be generated. You will still find copper and zinc while salvaging and scavenging, but you will not find it while mining unless you create a new random world (see notes further down in this post). Once you’ve found some copper or zinc to mine (or have otherwise looted some), take it to the forge and you’ll find that it now accepts the additional metals which can be smelted down into scrap brass or forged directly into bullet casings. Note that you still need the relevant perk to craft bullet casings and the crucible to pour brass back out of the forge as normal.

7 days to die mining mod with copper zinc and excavators additional screenshot 1

This mod also adds excavators, which are automated mining machines that will drill into the ground and resurface with materials every so often. While they are expensive to make, they will surely make up for their cost in the materials they mine up. Most of the mined ore must be processed by a rock crusher, which this mod also adds. The rock crusher is a new workbench (it looks like a cement mixer once placed) that uses ore blocks and sand to crush the usable materials out of the ore.

7 days to die mining mod with copper zinc and excavators additional screenshot 2

Excavators will go through various stages as they mine through the ground:

7 days to die mining mod with copper zinc and excavators additional screenshot 3

Want More?

Try his Regenerating Boulders mod that lets ore boulders regenerate. There’s a subversion of that mod that works for these copper & zinc ore boulders.

Important Notes

Important notes you should read:

Note for Multiplayer

The current version of Alpha 20 does not push localization data to users. If you are playing multiplayer (either hosting or via dedicated server), each player will need to install the mining mod themselves to get the proper descriptions of items, blocks, UI labels, etc. that this mod changes.

Note About World Generation

This mod adds ore generation in the form of sub-biomes for copper and zinc metal boulders and ore veins. If you do not generate a new world, these boulders and veins will be absent (but you can still definitely acquire copper and vein materials by salvaging and scavenging during normal gameplay). He would recommend that you start a new game if you intend to use this mod.

Additionally, He is not a graphic artist and did not design 3D models for the copper and zinc metal boulders, so He is re-using the game’s assets for the lead boulder and potassium nitrate boulder. There’s no way to tint 3D entities, so they will unfortunately look exactly like their counterparts as you encounter them in the world. Sorry about that, if you are a graphic designer who knows how to add assets to bundles and you’d like to donate some of your time to provide assets to this mod, He will be more than happy to chat with you about that and give you credit if he use your assets.

Note About the Forge Changes

If you are adding this mod to an existing game, please be aware that your existing forges will have all contents erased except for fuel and anything that was queued. This is because this mod is adding extra input materials (copper and zinc) and the 7 Days to Die game engine does not gracefully handle this kind of change. Make sure you’re okay with all players losing forge contents the first time this mod is installed into an existing game world.

Note About Mod Compatibility

This mod is not compatible with the S420’s Simple UI Forge Input mod that changes forges to have three inputs. This mod already includes forges with three inputs anyway, but S420’s overwrites what resources are accepted by the forge, causing errors to be logged to the console since this mod requires copper and zinc to be accepted by the forge.

Additionally, this mod is not compatible with many mods that reskin the forge at all.

Errors on Startup

If you fail to install the prefabs correctly, 7 Days to Die will log errors in the console window. You need to install the prefabs to the correct location, even if you aren’t generating a new world or are playing on a dedicated server.


  • (new) Updated to be compatible with version Alpha 20.
  • Official mod updated to A19.
  • Bugfixes for some git issues.
  • Updated for A19 by Doughphunghus.
  • The existing 3D models for the copper and zinc boulders have been tweaked.

How to Setup

Download and extract this mod to your 7 Days to Die /Mods folder.

For Steam users, that’s \steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create ‘Mods’ if it doesn’t exist).

Once extracted, move the files in the mod’s /Prefabs folder to your 7 Days to Die /Data/Prefabs folder.

For Steam users, that’s \steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs (‘Prefabs’ will already exist; if you can’t find it, you’re in the wrong place).

Download for A20
Download for A19

If you appreciate MeanCloud’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: MeanCloud

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12 thoughts on “Mining Mod With Copper, Zinc & Excavators

  1. Nálam pl a looth tatyókba csak is réz meg cink volt amiért cimbit is fusztrálta ki vettem a modot és onnastól kezdve nem tud fel lépni a közös világunkra

  2. “Once extracted, move the files in the mod’s /Prefabs folder to your 7 Days to Die /Data/Prefabs folder.”

    The prefabs directory has several subdirectories.
    These are:
    Parts, POIs, RWGTiles and Test.
    Which directory should I move the files from in your prefabs directory to?

    I moved them to each of them and after starting the new game, the boulders with zinc and copper do not appear in the game world.

    What am I doing wrong?

  3. If you are able to put the textures in the game, I can help get the designs for the ores. Contact me if you’re interested.

  4. I hope someone can provide this mod with unique art for new boulders and patches. Would definately love to see electric wire be a new resource that could be salvaged from electrical stuff or made with brass. It makes no sense that every time you string some wire it just comes out of thin air. We need more realism mods like this to enhance 7D!

  5. All: I’ve made issues and some notes for these on teh github repo, but for future reference, basically:
    1. This mod does not contain a “ParticleEffects/p_snowstorm1”.
    2. This mod *does* change biomes.xml.

    My guess with several of these issues is that this mod and other mod(s) are trying to make changes to biomes.xml and collisions are occurring. Its hard to tell which other mod is working against this one (or vice versa).

    I’ll see what I can do to make this mod more compatible with other mods once a20 comes out. Usually I load a lot of mods (no overhauls) and then see what collides. If you are loading an overhaul mod please note that few modders likely test with them as overhauls make many changes. Some overhaul mods are not explicitly marked as “overhaul” or are big enough but not considered “overhaul” mods. Its a grey area.

  6. All: Thanks for the input! I’m maintaining MeanClouds mods now but do not monitor these forums, not get notifications when people post here. If you have future issues, please post them on github (above link) as an issue, of the official game mod forums link (above).

    I’ll put your issues into github and I’ll look into if I can fix/replicate them when a20 comes out.

    – The mining mod (core) has to be used on a new RNG world
    – The mining mod (with boulders) has to be used on a new RNG world, and has issues with a19 so I would not recommend using these with the mining mod, however, I have tested and they appear to work “ok”. don’t know how stable it is in all biomes.
    – For all of these mods, you have to load the mods on all the clients connecting to the game.

  7. So I was able to use this mod flawlessly on singleplayer but when one of my friends attempted to join my world they kept getting this error message in the console
    ERR XML loader. Loading and parsing “failed”
    ArguementException. An item with the same key has already been added. Key:ParticleEffects/p_snowstorm1

    and after removing your mod it worked

  8. When trying to load a fresh 18.4 map with Mining Mod with Copper-Zinc & Excavators mod I get loading errors:
    68.961 ERR EML loader: Loading and parsing ‘biome.xml’ failed
    Exception: Parsin biomes. Prefabs with name ‘deco_zinc_veins.tts’ not found!

    94.049 ERR Exception in thread GenerateChunks: NullReferenceException: Object not set to an instance of an object

    Then the game locked up in the “Building Environment” zone so had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete the game

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