One Shot Kill (Highly Customizable)

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The .xml files are highly customizable. My wife went to great lengths to write all the .xml xpaths and get it working. There’s plenty of explanations for what to change and how things work within the .xml files; look for the comment tags <!– and –>

7 days to die one shot kill (highly customizable) additional screenshot

This mod was inspired by a mod made for Glock 9’s YouTube channel in his new series “One Shot Kill”. The only issue was _Donezo (@twitter) made his mod using a complete overwrite of the vanilla items.xml

Not only is that not recommended, but it’s also not very customizable. There was also some things that weren’t able to be done because of the way it was originally modded. This is working 100% and tested thoroughly in A20. You have our permission to convert it to previous alpha’s if you please. Just make sure to credit us.


Credits: Deadite, OpethEthereal

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One thought on “One Shot Kill (Highly Customizable)

  1. I would really like to see a moving freight train , one that runs through a great portion of the map continually over days freight cars , military equipment cargo , passenger cars, tankers, all accessible. Maybe even the possibility to relocate tracks of course with plenty of zombie spawns.

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