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This mods adds some changes to the 7 Days to Die. Because Claymore was bored and thought, what he probably miss. This time: Options, if you continue or join an existing local game.


  • 24 Hour Cycle: Up to 6 hours realtime
  • Daylight Length: From zero to 24 hours. 0 = Everlasting night. 24 = Everlasting day.
  • XP Multiplier: Up to 10000%


  • Payer Block Damage: Up to 10000%
  • AI Block Damage: Up to 10000%
  • AI Blood Moon Block Damage: Up to 10000%
  • Loot Abundance: Up to 10000%
  • Blood Moon Count: Up to 128 Zombies (Don’t try that with a potato PC!)
  • Air Drops: Up to 30 days


Party Shared Kill Range: Added 4096 and 8192 meters. Why? Because if you’re in a party, why not share it over the whole map?

Compatibility: A18+


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Claymore

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