Card Collecting Mod

7 days to die card collecting mod, 7 days to die loot

Thanks to Mumpfy for providing the art!

This is a little mini-game to play inside the game. When you are looting you may come across 1 of 15 different cards, and when you collect the set, you can put them in a frame and hang them, which will give you a permanent Intellect point. You can continue to collect/build your sets, but the Int point does not stack.

7 days to die card collecting mod additional screenshot

A quick video demonstration:

…the cards are based on the original members of Guppycur’s Modding Discord. In addition, they have included Alloc as an honorary founding member, as he has deep roots in the modding community. Watch out for the Golden Card, there may be a surprise on the back. 😃

Special thanks to Mumpfy and some of the guys from Guppycur’s Discord that helped him through some xml!

Check out Mumpfy’s other art HERE.

FYI Guppycur does NOT update for Experimentals. Update the game at your own risk.

He will not attempt to troubleshoot any mod if it is used with ANY mod other than sCore or NPCmod. That’s not up to him to do! It is the player’s responsibility to troubleshoot when they mix mods, not his. If there are issues with the mod when run by itself (and score and npcmod) then he will take a look.


Updated for A21.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur, Mumpfy and community

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2 thoughts on “Card Collecting Mod

  1. Can see them as an admin and installed mod on fresh playthough, cards are in creative menu but we’re on day 40 with 3 players and havent found a single card yet.

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