Naked Gator

7 days to die naked gator, 7 days to die food, 7 days to die drinks

Turn those Megacrush into a longer duration runspeed buff, and chance to cause minor bleeds on melee hits.

Don’t crush your enemies, shred them instead!

In a Campfire with a Cooking Pot:

  • 1 Mega Crush
  • 1 Beer
  • 1 Crushed Glass
  • 3 Plant Fibers

Yields 1 Naked Gator


  • 10 water
  • 20% runspeed
  • 15% efficient digestion
  • 50% chance to cause a small bleed with melee hits (1/sec, same as barbed wire)
  • Lasts 20 minutes

Also found in Beverage loot, with the same frequency as Beer. (coolers, traders, vending machines, etc.)


  • It had some weirdness in the xpath append statements of ui_display.xml that made them not very friendly with other mods coming behind them. Resolved that. If you got errors for duplicate entries with other mods, and that didn’t seem to make sense, it should no longer happen.
  • It has also had 2 additional changes. It was intended to be an early-game booster, but requiring a Chem Station was a dumb decision on his part. He has moved it to a campfire with a cooking pot. It can also now be found in the world in the Beverage loot group with the same frequency as Beer. That means beverage coolers, traders, and vending machines to name a few. Base value is 150 dukes.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stample

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