No Road Decals on World Generation

7 days to die no road decals on world generation, 7 days to die biomes

This mod edits the biomes.xml file to prevent road decals (newspapers, blood splatters, plastic bags, etc.) from being created on world generation. This mod will not affect existing saved games and worlds.

KorgX3 made this mod because littering makes the Baby KorgX3 cry.


Credits: KorgX3

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5 thoughts on “No Road Decals on World Generation

  1. No 1 favorite mod I literally started playing this game two days ago and my favorite past-time is clearing rubbish <3 thank you for making it actually possible!

    1. /cry

      I’m weird, though. For whatever reason, since I started playing this game a couple of years ago, I find it incredibly relaxing to do highway litter patrol. I move from trader to trader, clearing all the debris from the roads. So I had always been frustrated at all the crap I couldn’t pick up which is why I made this mod. lol

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