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:: v1.3_a20.6b9 :: by redbeardt ::

Wtf is this? 😕

It’s a humble little modlet that gives you access to an extra means of rotating blocks. It’s called Rotato. The Rotato frees you from the tyranny of spamming click in Advanced rotation mode and then clicking too many times and having to go around again slowly this time to make sure you actually get it… by giving you the ability to control the rotation of blocks precisely.

Install? 😗

It’s a standard modlet install for those who know, but here’s some instructions anyway if you needed. Extract the folder in the zip into your game’s Mods directory. If you don’t have a Mods directory, make one in the directory that contains your 7DaysToDie.exe file. If you’ve done it right you should have a Mods folder that contains another folder called Rotato, and inside that Rotato folder you will see Rotato.dll and other files. Btw, you probably need to turn EAC off, but I don’t know for sure… Don’t ask me to turn EAC on to check. 😠

How use? 🤨

With a block in your hands, hold R to bring up the radial menu, and select the Rotato. Three “wheels” should appear around the “preview” block. You can check the screenshot below to see what I mean. One will be red, one green, and one blue. Each corresponds to one axis of rotation. You’ll notice that there are little black blocks where the wheels intersect. These are the areas that you must turn the wheel through to make a rotation.

To perform a rotation, click and hold on one of the wheels, then drag the cursor to turn the wheel. Continue moving the cursor along the length of the wheel and pass through and beyond one of the black boxes. If you did it right, a rotation will have occurred, and hopefully, it should have been a rotation that intuitively appears as though it would result from the wheel movement you performed.

After rotating a block to the desired rotation, hit tab to get out of Rotato mode, then right-click to place your block, or move it somewhere else if you want… Hey, it’s your block… 👀

Any tips? 🤔

Rather than turning a wheel all the way around when you want to do several rotations, it’s much easier to just grab the most visible part of the wheel and drag it through an adjacent black box, release, then go back to where you clicked and do it again. It’s difficult to follow the wheel all the way around and you will probably fall off the wheel or miss the black box, so I think it’s much better to do it as I just described.

Another tip is that sometimes you might not be able to see much of the wheel you want to rotate due to adjacent blocks. You can still grab the wheels despite obstruction, so you have the ability to guess where the wheel and box is, and make the appropriate movement. It’s easier than it sounds. 😁

Ok, that’s it I guess. Enjoy!

7 days to die rotato additional screenshot



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Credits: Redbeardt

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