CJ’s Super Tools & Weapons v2

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This mod adds a bunch of super tools and weapons. Each tool/weapon recipe unlock is tied to a perk skill book completion. It’s recommended that you adjust the recipe.xml to make these items more expensive.


(All tools have +Damage | +Capacity | +Durability | +Speed)

  • Super Nailgun [5k HP Repair | 10k Durability] ~ Wasteland Treasures Complete.
  • Super Auger [More Damage & Speed | 10k Fuel Capacity | 10k Durability] ~ Art of Mining Complete.
  • Super Impact Driver [2x Salvage Materials] ~ Wasteland Treasures Complete.
  • Super Machete [ 2x Butchery Materials] ~ Night Stalker Complete.


(All weapons have +Damage | +Recoil Reduction | +Capacity | +Durability | +Fire-rate)

  • Annihilator [Super Sledge Turret – shocks enemies on hit] ~ Tech Junkie Complete.
  • Shot-E [Super Junk Turret – shocks & burns enemies on hit] ~ Tech Junkie Complete.
  • The Punisher [Super Auto-shotgun – 2x Dismemberment] ~ Shotgun Messiah Complete.
  • Rambo [Super M60 | +Accuracy | +Hip-fire | +Capacity | +Damage] ~ Automatic Weapons Complete.
  • Golden Eagle [Super Desert Vulture – +200 Gamestage] ~ Pistol Pete Complete.
  • Prototype Viper [Super SMG – Shocks user & zombies on hit] ~ Pistol Pete Complete.
  • Executioner [Super Battle Axe – 5x Headshot Damage] ~ Art of Mining Complete.
  • Leatherface [Super Chainsaw – 2x Wood Harvest | 2x Dismemberment | 0.25x Run speed] ~ Art of Mining Complete.
  • Spear of Destiny [Super Spear – 2x Range | 2x Armor Penetration] ~ Spear Hunter Complete.
  • S&W 500 [Super Revolver – 5 round capacity | 500% damage bonus] ~ Magnum Enforcer Complete.
  • 500 Magnum Ammo [Includes HP | AP] ~ Magnum Enforcer Complete.
  • Dragunov [Super Sniper – 5x Headshot Damage] ~ Sniper Complete.
  • Repeater Crossbow [ Super Crossbow | +200% Fire-Rate] ~ Archery Complete.
  • F-1 Grenade [Super Grenade – No block damage | +50% Damage | +50% Area of Effect] ~ Urban Combat Complete.


Credits: CommandoJenkins

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16 thoughts on “CJ’s Super Tools & Weapons v2

  1. I am a Japanese player.
    I don’t know how to apply this mod, can you tell me?
    The current version is A.20.7.

  2. **Links updated, sorry for the delay, I haven’t been on this site in a while, it was only reported to me via discord recently when I returned to a modded server I used to play on**

  3. I don’t see where to update this mod page. I had to reupload the dropbox links, that’s why it broke.

  4. The Dropbox link is no longer availible. “We can’t find the page you’re looking for.” A new download link would be great for keeping this mod alive.

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