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This mod adds new weapons to the game, only using XML, no new resources. Only a few have recipes, as they are prizes for a lootbox system they have on their server. Snufkin will add the missing recipes in the future.

The base version includes the weapons, just a few of them with recipes and obtainable in normal gameplay. With the lootbox addon you get the machine and the lootbox system. You may find tickets on the enemy drops and hardened chests. There are 4 color levels, from green to purple. Each 10 tickets may be changed for 1 ticket of the next level. Each ticket is worth a lootbox in the machine. The prizes are listed next to the chest list. The emblem indicates the machine in which it may appear. The quality level is random, and the weapons are fixed to a certain color, so it is easier to get a certain weapon but harder to get one of high quality. Click the weapon in the machine to see a brief description. The necessary ammo for the new weapons is craftable from the start. Some weapons gave me trouble with the attachments, so Snufkin made them incompatible until he find a solution.

The Weapons

  • Crimson Hunter: A Magnum with a flask attached that fills with blood when you accumulate 5 kills. You can launch the flask with the secondary button, it behaves as a contact grenade.
  • CrossbowMag: A semi-auto crossbow with 10-bolt capacity, shoots farther and deals more damage than a compound crossbow. Fixed LVL6 Quality.
  • Kronos XII: Auto Shotgun with a special effect. Accumulate 20 kills and press the activate button (Default F). Reduces recoil and spread and doubles the maxrange. Last 20 seconds.
  • Polearm: Long range melee weapon.
  • PP-19 Bizon: SMG with faster firerate and higher capacity but a 15% damage penalty.
  • QuadShotgun: Primary fire shoots slowly, hold secondary and fires 4 shells almost instantly
  • Railgun: Charge the shot by holding the primary button. The longer you charge the further the proyectiles will fly and they will deal more damage (BTW, is the charge mechanism of the bows completely useless? Because he had to make his own system). The 4 beeps indicate max charge.
  • Savery: A rifle that shoots magnum ammo. Has high firerate and reload speed.
  • Vulcan: First bullet is semi-auto. Charge holding the primary button button and it will shoot fully auto very fast. Holding secondary charges without shooting, besides zooming-in. Has a movement penalty.
  • Turret Auger: A short range turret that also works as a normal auger.
  • Vampire Gauntlets: A set of knuckles that fills a rage meter on each hit. When you reach 20 you can activate a frenzy mode with “F”, gaining 50% lifesteal and 50% faster movement.

7 days to die server side weapons screenshot

Known bug: The red dot of the reflex on the blaster is invisible, you still get the handling boost.

Fixed crafting tier of the new weapons.

Download Base Mod
Download the Lootbox Addon (Base required)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Snufkin

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15 thoughts on “Server Side Weapons

  1. i hope someone separate the minigun and railgun from this mod so we can add them on server that using weapons packs.i tried to use it on my server and it said duplucate weapon something so.

  2. Where do you find the “machine” in order for players to get the lootboxes containing the weapons?

  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do the machines spawn naturally? I see them in the creative item list but cannot find them in my world (as of yet), do I as the admin need to add them to locations or something?

  4. OK , autor wrote me he updated mod ! The errors are almost all fixed now !
    WE CAN USE NOW MODS WITH THIS WEAPONS !!! Only AutoFireMod is disabled for Railgun, that causes the errors + DONT reload the CrimsonHunter with another ammo as the proper bullets !

  5. And with CrimsonHunter YOU CAN NOT USE AP AMMO !!! It makes RED ALERT and gun dont show in hads anymore until you set standart ammo in it…

    After first shot from Railgun, it showed me -980 munition in weapon and i have to reaload + no sound of walking + the zombies dont die and go away without legs and heads…after 10-20 seconds server stops to response = so i MUST RESTART server – the all weapons are without mods and all is ok again…SO DO NOT USE ANY MODS in THIS WEAPONS

  7. Hey i like that crossbow BUT i cant loot zombies before collect bolts .. i have lootable zombie too .. so that is make a find feathers and makes arrows and bolts useless … that is a pity ..

    Pls any mod to change it …. i dont like collect bolts and arrows at all…

        1. Yes lol…but i dont understand your language i think :)))))
          Just do waht i wrote to you and you will be happy like little horse :)))

  8. I just tested this mod on my public server.
    Everything looks OK, no errors ! And weapons are CRAZY, GENIAL and FUNCTIONAL !!!


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