Magbow Reborn

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Originally released by RussianDood.

A powerful, lategame version of the crossbow that has a slick, futuristic look. Extremely expensive to create, the Magbow is the penultimate archery weapon, having a magazine, capable of having stocks, handles, bipods, and even drum magazines, the Magbow only accepts Steel Arrows (With special compatibility for Brazmock’s Archery Mod).

Compared to Zededd’s version for A20:

  • The Reflex Sight has been fixed, and the scopes work fine.
  • The Magbow benefits from the Archery skill.
  • Burst and Full-Auto triggers have been BLOCKED from being put on the Magbow. Having a burst or full-auto crossbow with Penetrator and steel arrows is WAY too OP.

Requires 20 Mechanical Parts, 20 Electrical parts, 100 Polymer, 50 Military Fiber, 50 Forged Steel, and 20 Glue to create.

Known Issues

  • Arrows stick out the front of the Magbow. Dragonchampion doesn’t know how to fix this, as he’s relatively new to offsets. Might require a Unity pass to fix.
  • The Magbow doesn’t display in the Magazines Tab of the skills menu. To compensate, the magazines required is listed in the description.
  • x8 Scope is wonky. Requires messing in Unity to fix this, which he cannot do.
  • The model’s gamma is extremely high, making it look like its camo is made for snow. He cannot fix this without going into Unity, which, again, he cannot do.

This model was purchased and belongs to RussianDood and its creator. Dragonchampion does not claim it in any way, shape, or form.


Update the mod to fix the errors in code and the inability to loot. Redownload if you haven’t yet!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Dragonchampion, RussianDood

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2 thoughts on “Magbow Reborn

  1. Caused errors when applying to my server. Unless its because you need to start a new world, it was not working for me.

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