Placeable Lights

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This mod will add placeable lights to the 7 Days to Die.

This mod will not replace the lights that already exist in the POI’s. Guppycur will continue to test with these before he does that; but the rotations would be all jacked up and ruin the dungeon crawl prefabs, so he need to get those straight first before straight up replacing the blocks with his.

This also does not add these items to loot (yet), but does allow for the vanilla blocks to drop Guppycur’s blocks when broken.

Construction Light: Model made by Xyth, this can be picked up and placed. As of yet, no power is required, but that’ll come eventually.
Flashlight: Place it, throw it, use it.
Oil Lantern: Place it, throw it as a molotov, use it.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur, Xyth

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