Sacred AIO V2 A21

7 days to die sacred aio a21, 7 days to die stamina, 7 days to die books, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

This mod I’ve put some Time into it so what is it?

Welcome to The SACRED AIO V2 A21. This mod is a rework of my popular mod SACRED AIO. This mod adds a bunch of items all assets of 7 days for example

All weapons can be upgraded using Death Essence, Life Essence, Purgatory Essence, Soul Essence, Darkness essence, each will correspond to their Tier. You will find all the Leaning Books/magazines through out zombie loot allowing you to become stronger upgrading weapons have benefits as such

  1. Lowering Stamina
  2. Increasing Hit speed
  3. Increasing Ammo capacity
  4. Increasing entity damage
  5. Increasing Block damage
  6. Increasing Range
  7. Increasing Reload speeds
  8. Increasing Harvest amount
  9. Increasing Defence
  10. Increasing Crosshairs

And more, just enjoy the mod and have fun.


Credits: DEVGNAG

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2 thoughts on “Sacred AIO V2 A21

  1. By any chance could you figure out a way to also include the CPPS skill mod? I really like both mods and hate having to choose over the other so would there be a time where i can have both on my skills tab to unlock? i like having extremely difficult games and try to survive up towards but not having sacred aio is boring to me, especially the essence grind and what not. Please look into it if you don’t mind and i love your mods!

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