TakeAllMod – Separates Reload & Take All Keys

7 days to die takeallmod - separates reload & take all keys, 7 days to die menu

The game’s vanilla keybinds of combining reload and takeall loot was driving me insane, i spent too much time on this lol. Hopefully it helps some others that it also drives insane.

Simply put it in your mods folder, and go into your keybinds and set a key for takeall.


Credits: Yakov

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One thought on “TakeAllMod – Separates Reload & Take All Keys

  1. It would be useful to add a button for “Loot all” for containers that the player has not built. This way, when closing a container that we found and opened, the items immediately go to the inventory and the weapon reload button remains under the same button 😉

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